September 22, 2023


  1. As far as basketball u can have that point but far as football teams today would kill the old teams in football but u have a point about the rules and some players that are good wouldn't be good back in the 80's and early 90's in basketball but football ever squad right now could beat a squad from the HOF

  2. I'm a member of the BLACK NATIONALIST PARTY & if you wanna the REAL STORY on Tupac Shakur go get The book The F.B.I's War on Tupac Shakur and other BLACK leader's

  3. Yup you have to go down to they levels to reach them…..Or you are considered a outcast if you trying to each them.i tried that but atfer a while you just stop it causes more pain then good sometimes you gots to just do you and let people learn the hard way on they own….ijs

  4. I met Tupac in 93 when he was filming the movie call party Justice God was Kickin with him and the gov and MC man is a Latino rapper Who's tight all that he has a song with Richie Rich from Oakland and I was the inspiration of Tupac song play your cards right I just can't wait to see him again are this just made up story just like Elvis Presley and we know he's dead but I have a feeling that Tupac is dead but I could be wrong and I wish I am wrong cuz I'll be real happy and just let me sing on that hook like I supposed to in the first place that's real talk my stage name is kasim Soul smooth from Oakland California and I do know the gov that was Tupac's best friend and my best friend too unfortunately he's in prison so the world know now that's where you been for the last 15 years

  5. The movie was called Poetic Justice Tupac at the real getting in movie and the governor my friend and Tupac friend we're just all kickin it smoking weed right across the street from Dru Downs house real talk back in the 90s I was singing for Tupac name the song is called play your cards right Tupac did the song and I'm not mad at them I just wish that I could have give me little let me hold something real talk

  6. Everybody forgot Pac sued Lapd for beating him and won a settlement for like 30 thou in the early 90's,so why would they give a fuck about protecting him¿¿¿u know deep down they hated him with a passion…so I can believe they plotted to kill him

  7. tupac was killed def. by death row, kenner, kelesis, wright sr and wright jr, kevin gaines, the question is was suge part of it? and make no doubt, snoop knows and possibly involved and kevin hackie the fbi agent who was a body guard for wrightway security knows who killed tupac, that's the thing about tupac, alot of people know who killed him, but they don't say shit, so it's all fake love, they all claim they love him yet fucking lips is sealed when it comes to solving his shit, put it this way, if it was a gang banging thing, like orlando anderson, it would of been solved, the reason why it ain't solved is because cops, lawyers, feds possibly was involved, and on top of that jimmy iovine knows who did him in, quincy jones, etc,so you people who are fans of these people need to reevaluate your loyalties, these men know the dirt on the streets and the injustices yet they give you interviews with no substance, they just talk in fucking circles like it's all good, but know this, ALOT OF PEOPLE KNOW WHO KILLED TUPAC, so it looks like to me alot of niggas ain't carrying they weight in this generation, a lot of heads scared, or just too fucking soft to tell the truth, everyone wants to go on these a&eshows and documentaries, but do you ever hear them say some real shit?! no, i would put $$$ that i don't even fucking got mind you on the fact that tupac was did in by kenner, wrightway, gaines, kelesis is the main players, death row plotted that mans death, he fired kenner 2 weeks b4 his death, he got into a scuffle with suge in ny days b4 vegas and michael moore said he had to step in because suge was about to put hands on tupac, the thing is this, tupac audited death row that's a fact, and he was being fucked for millions of dollars and was ready to bail, and when you call an audit on death row, well that brings in the federal government to a label that's involved with drug dealing, murders, fucking other artists out of money, and all types of corruption, so street sense means you bring light on that, u gotta go period, doesn't matter who u are, so death row had pac killed

  8. great great breakdown video! one of the best on YouTube. Thank you. Hey, do you know where I could get that pic you put in the video of PAC as president?! That shit is Bella wavey and I want to hang it up in my house. No shit. Thanks for that one in advance, if you could hook that up for me.

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