September 16, 2021

37 thoughts on “Why African Americans Are Moving To Africa

  1. I think this is great! Africa America returning to the motherland. I think many would have moved their earlier it it wasn’t for the fear of unfamiliar culture. I think less is more. Living where you can fit in and actually feel welcome. Invest in Africa, African Americans and keep their natural resources from being stolen by foreigners and help prevent colonization. AFRICAN AMERICANS FOR AFRICA!

  2. I wanna go back home I heard so much good things about people that live there and visit there even from white people that visit there . They need to stop with the lying about Africa but be the same ones to want us to go back make it make sense didn’t no body told them to bring us in u.s anyway

  3. Africans must invest into each other in our mama land and to be more self dependent controlling our own self economics and our own self employment too. Look to Africa and reconnect man.

  4. Africans not only from the USA are moving to our mama land the rest of our African masses globally are retuning back home. Africans from France, U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal are doing it and even our masses from Pakistan, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are returning home to our mama land. Mama Africa is my paradise full of sun, dignity, life and soul too.

  5. This is another piece of information that needs to be shared to the public. I did not know that there a good number of African Americans moving to Africa. Wow, thank you so much for the education.

  6. They was showing yall dumb asses in "Coming to America" that America is the first Africa 💯💯💯 Why did he leave Africa to come to America to find a Queen??🤔🤔🤔 #PeaceTreatyof1789 btwn Morocco and the United States is interesting bcuz the Morocco over there didnt start til #1956 💯💯💯 so where's the Morocco of 1789??🤔…Right here #facts Amaraca, Amerioca, Amerioco, Amaru etc….this is Amaraca aka Morocco 💯💯💯 The first north Africa was right here

  7. USA is my culture. Why does everyone want to come here? MY DNA is African, American Indian, and Scottish, but my culture is

    Leave people in their apartments and pay everyone $2k per month retroactive since March 1, 2020, and teach people to work and earn online, for USA took their incomes.. All hell is breaking loose, and people are not going gently into that dark night!

    A word to the wise is sufficient! No justice, than no peace. Do the right thing, and stop the GREED and LYING, and all the DISHONESTY!

  8. Joe Biden show as hell not going to make it better. This man is so scared to come out of his basement. He dont want to face the American people. We the people dont know what his views are. The man caint remember to much of nothing. The world would take over America under his Presidency. He was not a good vice President under Obama.

  9. This was a great video. For our mental health, some of us have got to get back to Mother Africa. There’s way too much anti-Black racism flourishing in the West for us to be at peace.

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