September 21, 2021


  1. Everytime i see the portcastle place i'm emotional. And i am a49 y old male. Why do i feel like crying everytime. Thnx for this video. There are a lot of good channels for sure. My favorite ghana channel is Expatlife Ghana.

  2. Makes good sense to convert your US Dollars to gold and get an Exodus/ Exit Strategy. And remember whatever Africa doesn't have is a business opportunity, even though most cities are modern like the "WEST".

  3. I will never go back to a place that sanctioned the act of slavery, and sold my ancestors to the place I now reside, when I leave this place Yashua will bring me to the place I am to be, and only then I will be at peace.

  4. I wish to move to Ghana. I have a son with Ghanaian and I am trying to convince him to accept the fact Ghana is the best place to settle down. By the way I have never been there.

  5. Cool , you can the people we want the piece. Thank you.

    Run back to the people that sold you. Where slavery still exist.

    Please take that race talk with you also. Thank you

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