September 28, 2021


  1. Firstly congratulations on ur monetization u deserve it sis 🍾.
    Secondly ur content is excellent and educational.
    Thirdly keep on educating us we love it 💯

  2. Wow thank you for sharing. Ghana is blessed. I will definitely visit. I am American by passport and that does not stop me from acknowledging my true root.

  3. East or west home is the best, however i wish we did not let ourselves get manipulated by this world. you find out that our own pple are the ones making our countries not to develop due to selfishness. Its a sad story, but we will not loose hope, coz Africa is rich.

  4. I am learning a lot of information about Ghana. I would love to visit one day. That’s great that the Government was able to give people land to build on the help the economy. It seems like a lot of media personality visit Ghana.

  5. You're right amount of paper will change the fact that Africa is our home and is where we're originally from. And we will always revert to our roots. This was a very informative video

  6. I loved this video! I am a black American. My ancestors were taken away from their homes in West Africa and enslaved here in America. We are the descendants of those enslaved, and we are returning home!

  7. Ghana is popular because she has continuously availed herself as the LEADER IN THE PAN AFRICAN CIRCLES and even launched the YEAR OF RETURN for black Americans.
    It's about leadership and pioneering!!!

  8. My sister, Ghana been popular from day one and is the big brother of Africa as the first country to gain an independence in the region so that part. Got it..

  9. simple ghana had the 2019 return…. truth is 100 will move to ghana, but in less than one year 90 will go back to america, in the end 00.1% of foreign blacks will stay in africa, dirt roads, no welfare checks, no food stamps, no free services ,no jobs, or very low paying jobs, non english speaking countries all that will drive african americans back to america BUT i'm going to gambia to live because i'm financially secure

  10. But I do hope that Ghana does not end up like Liberia. I'm sure you know that Liberia was a country founded by freed slaves but in modern history, the country became politically and economically unstable since The Tolbert Regime.

  11. The majority of American citizens came from somewhere else or their ancestors came from somewhere else.

    Though this is a good initiative for Ghana as it is both politically and economically stable compared to other African countries. And provide a place for resettlement.

    The few disadvantages of Ghana though is, it is not as prosperous as The US nor it has the infrastructure of the latter. Plus many comforts of The US, you won't find in Ghana say McDonald's. Though BK has recently open.

  12. Did you notice that just when africa and Ghana in particular started looking attractive for investors then covid hit ? They try everything to keep us down but we shant fall!

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