September 18, 2021

19 thoughts on “Why Africans in Abroad Do Not Want To Go Back Home? / Moving back to Africa 🔙

  1. Like # 12.. Hello new friend👋🏽 I just happily subscribed… Lets stay connected.. Much blessings to your channel… Hope to see you soon at my place 🙏🏾. Much blessings to your channel…

  2. My condolences. Sorry for her lost.

    On the contrary, I have Jobs that can be created by you and I as private entities.

    From our dear woman's situation, I have seen jobs like
    1. Private Ambulance Services.
    2. Specialize in bed ( health furniture) Ventures.
    3. Sanitizer Manufacturing
    4. Private Hospital for only emergency cases across the regions of Ghana.
    And you can add more.

    Immediately, I have lands so I need partnership. Let's come together to build Africa.

    Today its her, and who knows tomorrow??

    Nobody will build Africa for us. Let stop complaining and find Solutions

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