September 20, 2021

31 thoughts on “Why All Blacks Should Move To Africa?

  1. A message of love to our dear diasporan Africans. If you want to come to Africa, choose any country, you will find that you are most welcome but please do your homework and come here with the right attitude. For example, be humble, be prepared to learn about and respect the culture. Don't look down upon us or come at us with some kind of black supremacist, or black saviour attitude. Try to integrate and we will respect and accept you as you are. Above all don't constantly complain, compare or try to change us by expecting our countries to be exactly like the West from whence you came otherwise we will ask you why you came here. Remember that we know what our reality is, and how we got here, we have lived here all our lives. If you follow this advice we Africans will respect and accept you as one of us but if you bring negative Western attitudes that remind us of our colonizers, or that seek to divide us further rather stay where you are.
    See how this couple fits in? Be like that.

  2. Get out of medical tyranny. Reach out for indigenous African herbs to treat arthritis(rheumatoid and osteoarthritis), food intolerances and allergies, infertility, asthma, corona, all respiratory issues,STDS, Liver issues etc. Experience total healing and have your life back.

  3. Big up to you Brother Hatib and Sister Nyancho inspiring our kings and queens to come home.
    Sister Nyancho be unapologetic, you are totally justified in telling it like it is the Western Hemisphere is dull, boring and hell too.
    Sister Nyancho you are so right about the Western Hemisphere is dull, boring and hell.
    Mama Africa is paradise and Sister Nyancho you are free at last.

  4. Don't you feel ashamed with the hair on your head? Been this fake , jeopardize with ur intelligence.where Is your African hair? If you have to wear wig, wear the African hair type of wig,this European , asian, or indian wig, makes you look like you are dressed for Halloween. More over ,I have never seen a white woman with the African afro wig on their head. This brainwash of looking and feeling beautiful ,only makes you look hilarious , non confident, and so fake. Show us how truly intelligent and confident you are, by wearing your African type and kind of hair wigs ,if you "have" to wear wigs. Don't be deceived by obama's wife, Beyonce, and the other African, American black celebrities. They are all depressed , regarding who they are, what they are ,and regarding their social, political, and financial status. They do it doesn't make it normal, or right , what's this madness of trying to look white ? Have you realized that this is a cause of slavery ? If not , Please educate your self on the effect of slavery to the African people.. You are beautiful on your African look,you are gorgeous on your woolly , curly , African hair , and let me educate you better you have got a very unique hair as an African , your natural hair type , can be converted to look straight like the indian hair, asian and European hair , just with the use of chemical relaxer . But theirs can never be converted to look like your natural woolly hair . Get me right , am not endorsing chemical hair relaxer here , the relaxer was created to destroy your hair .

    Have you ever seen a European,or Chinese with the African afro wig on their head? Never ,or on Halloween ,where people wanna look weird.

    please think deeply about this.

  5. Nearly 700 companies in Africa with aggregate annual revenues of more than $1.4 trillion a year according to McKinsey & Co. Google for "The overlooked revolution for business in Africa" for proof.

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