September 25, 2021

23 thoughts on “Why are African Americans & Caribbeans moving to Africa!'Year of return'

  1. Jamaicans are not visiting Ghana because of Rastafarian’s,Jamaicans are purely Ghanaians, if you read history the name Jamaica comes from a local Ashanti language ( Jamayaca) which means are we stuck here? When The enslaved people from Ghana arrived that time,this is what they were saying.Uptil now,the local names in Ghana is what some Jamaicans still uses,names like Kawaku ,a Male born on Wednesday.Acheampong Jamaicans says Acompong.The Maroons,The history of Queen Akua of Jamaica who rebel slavery,the name Akua is a female born on Wednesday in Ghana..The Suriname,Bahamas,Jamaicans, and the rest of the blacks diaspora are all from Africa.

  2. As far as people wanting to move to an African country.

    What types of things are lacking in these countries that people need to be aware of?

    I'm referring to things like infrastructure,healthcare and law enforcement? You may want to know the situation with these types of things before you move to a poorer country.

    Here's some issues facing healthcare in Nigeria.

  3. Ms KBear this is one of your best videos to say the least. I've specifically developed an intentional if not special interest in The Year of Return since President Nana announced it last year.

    ..and like Judy said, don't consult with the mainstream media if you really want to know the reality on the ground. The vloggers will be your best partner.

    Welcoming you all to Africa!❀

  4. Gooooood to see you you guys soooo much:), to be honest: i felt the same, when i saw Oldonyo Lengai in Ngorongoro, i cried and felt like home. Maybe i lived there once a time in another life you never know;)))

  5. You know why things are changing around for African Americans and Caribbeans moving to Africa it happened with a fictional movie Black Panther it gave a lot of people Pride in their ancestral heritage

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  7. Kemunto Judy is so correct about those Nigerian movie it open up my eyes as well and how beautiful Africa is, i can't wait to travel to my roots. We Jamaican's are really straight forward and love our spicy food, my next destination trip I'm definitely coming to Africa with my family.

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