September 21, 2021

46 thoughts on “Why are Prince Hall Masons shunned in the Black Consciousness (Woke) Community

  1. The oldest trick is a lie and they still work to this day. There is no magic just stuff you don't know; contraptions and people you don't see with secrecy the rest is tied together with unity harmony and choreography. No matter what the show must go on and on and if so many have done and continue to do it why can't I and we; rather it be good or bad wrong or right false or true. One life to live before you grow old and die so do whatever it takes before your buried, frozen or fried. We no matter who we are for the vast majority will never escape assimilation therefore we never escape each other and ourselves.

    If you have ever been in an infinite hall of mirrors then you'll know; if so tell me what you see and now when you get done with that tell me what you don't see or can't possibly see or explain fully. Look it's simple strength in numbers utilizing copying everything the military does then being influential enough to influence recruit and lure to indoctrinate, brainwash contribute, motivate, market, advertise, uniform, convince and by any means necessary! Rather it be by hook or crook hell or high water to have sex, lick ,suck, swallow, trauma bond, manipulate, blackmail and a whole porta compromise whatever!
    We are physically, mentally, psychologically and every other way more than less at war with ourselves and each other this is why most successful organizations and corporations break you down before building you up. Your individuality and unique essence your very presence as your own individual; usually will take time alot if not all of us do not have. Due to the way things are; work operate the monetary system etc. $o what does one do in a world full of gangs, groups, cliques, businesses, fraternities, sororities, social circles, classes!?
    Think of it this way in a hardcore prison look up how many people make it all by themselves??? If your gonna lie; lie big use any and all advantages adapt no matter what a make as many lies up as possible as long as it is creative interesting intriguing and best of all tells a story. Also, out of all these "orginazations" if you can get in and truly be accepted…. freemasonry and the military are the highest level of all around everything although the military is more of a commitment and more dangerous it doesn't matter same rules apply sadly you will find out it's not what you know it's who you know. Also in a Lot of cases just to hit you with some script(ure) imagine the bond you would need to have in order to "know" someone?🤔
    It's not the only way I'm sure but more often than not survival just like death is extremely prejudice and cares not about sexuality, color, status, religion, species, politics; what anyone thinks, fairness nothing… So think about emulating it embrace life be shameless and make all the right connections and do whatever it takes and remember it doesn't matter as long as you don't get caught or you don't have to answer for it! Try to get as far to the top of the grand pyramid'$ $cheme$ and $c@m$ of things as you can! If you have decency and lack true ambition make it far enough to be wealthy enough to survive and pass something down just remember a house and some material alone are not a legacy.
    It's the survival of your name your memory your accomplishments and contributions. Are you willing to make those "sacrifices" no matter what they may be or entail? You can do all this and still in the end ask yourself really in the end was it all worth it and what does it matter and whose idea was it really truly to do all the things you did do and have done?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. There is no true light within darkness .

    FREEMASON IS WITHOUT A DOUBT VERY EVIL . Many of its people involved in criminal activity .

    They just cant accept scripture , they want to create a false allusion of realities to occupy their minds .


    AS THE SAYING GOES " hidden within plain sight "

    Do you have any idea how much criminality is in FREEMASON / PRINCE HALL OES , ETC….

    twitter " Yahweh_is_Love "

  3. Great vid Brah! I've learned to be diversified in my studies over the years as well. Is it true that the Shriners is a 33rd. organization? I've studied & was told that in order for one to become a Shriner that they have to be a Knight's Templar which is I believe 32nd. degree.

  4. You prove what is really ignorant and simplified…Being impressed with the fact you can rattle off disjointed ideas ,concepts in rapid fire succession without EVER making one coherent, concise point….Black folk can gain the benefits of NETWORKING to get to money hustle on other than becoming a tool of propaganda to elitist who hate your black ass at the end of the day..peace and giggles dear sincere but sincerely wring brother

  5. My dear brother..with all due respect to your extensive academic listings of various mystical academies in defending Free Masonry to blacks as a value because in its (Prince Hall masonry)core is a gumbo of mysticism…Here is why Freemasonry is an idiotic approach to knowledge "for a black person"..ALBERT PIKE Confederate General Sovreign Grand Commander of worldwide Freemasonry AND founder of KKK it should end there dear scholar for black folk..Freemasonry remains segregated for all intents and purposes..Freemasons DESIGNED the institute of slavery ,designed black codes ,enabled the " covering" of nationwide abuse of authority for EACH corrupt police,politician who inflicted everything from 70 years of public lynching of blacks to systematic jailing of blacks by manipulating existing laws defining crimes..You have "mastered" the central skill taught in Freemasonry word gymnastics with all due respect…ancient esoteric Knowledge is not held in the repository of freemasonic word games…Disjointed theory , is false knowledge..As a 32° freemason (are you regular lodge or irregular?) either way Albert Pike in Morals /Dogma identifies the God of GLOBAL ROYAL LODGE OF ENGLAND Freemasonry..It is in fact Lucifer if you deny this you add dishonesty..perhaps you are defining some lodge you started in a storefront church or something…Akbert Pike hated your black ass sir..BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK…PERIOD..!

  6. I am a Knights Templar under the auspices of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. Being in possession of the Most Sublime Secret of Freemasonry, one begins to cast an eye on the endeavors and activities of humanity. Having monitored the black conscious community, i am proud of their development. While entertaining, and provocative they are the most intricate step in the furtherance of redevelopment within the black community. What you are watching is the natural response of the mind, soul, and spirit of our community healing itself internally. As a mason, i don't interfere with this process: to admonish them now can alter or delay the desired outcome: (make straight the crooked and smooth the rough.) The main participants in the conscious community polish each other thru debates, improving one another and reaching thousands of individuals while unwittingly forming the first effective sub economy since the mid 1860s.

    Masons Lets remember: Doctors don't heal people; they give recommendations, guidance and advise to the
    patient( when the healing process fails.) This is applicable on a community and individual level, (Lets remember the community has a mind, soul and spirit.) The mind and body self correct and heal itself during rest, {sleep.} Imagine someone constantly waking you up; (thru this suffering), the mind and body invokes more extreme measures to restore or revitalize itself. Therefore, when the mind needs healing eg. ( therapy): something is impeding the healing process. On the community level we are just waking up from a deep dark sleep.

    For far to Long the (young) black community was on the operating table; many of us wondering if she is going to make it. Some of us have seen a flat line before and wanted to call it, but miraculously, a sign of life was detected: (she was caring a child), The child must have air: the air of love, security and protection was provided. (This is where past masons built the foundation.) If the child is to live without sickness or injured, admittedly, we have to do some community house cleaning and remodeling (This is where current masons are working. In the near future' the child will need food education and shelter. (The modern African American Ancestral culture,) will be designed by masons to expand charity, products and services generated by the sub economy. It is from this level, and this level only, we should begin the interaction or dialogue within the conscious community. Knowledge in the wrong hands leads to great suffering.

    In conclusion, I will continue to observe their progress without interference not withstanding seeking legal recourse and damages for slander against the Fraternity. I believe the conscious community is on the fast track to success, they are innovative and represent a fresh new economy within every black community; and I cannot wait until they mature as a national organization. I will help them build an economy worthy of Honor and Recognition for their effort. This will in-turn inspire arrivals in large numbers to seek our sciences, liberal arts, and visit the halls of commerce. They are just one of many greatly needed pieces to improve humanity, all around the world. Respectfully Submitted,

  7. Its crazy because we started all the debates these people are late waking up princehall masons started the community all the top scholars are PrinceHall ….and the members are the main ones who started the Kemetic SCIENCES verses Hebrew Israelite debates…Smalls…Dr Ben…Walter Williams…George E James…..Hilarious.

  8. Please don't disrespect my Fraternity in this manner. You have every right to enter a Prince Hall Affiliated Temple and observe what is inside. If you ever wished to be a part you have every right if you are in good standing and of good recommendation to learn as all brothers have before you. To speak on things you have no experience in is useless parade and not becoming of a good man. Do not dabble in untampered mortar. 2 B 1 ASK 1. Guard your words carefully, take sure notice thereof, and govern yourself accordingly.

  9. Why are you dogging the Hebrew ISRAELITE? If they choose to keep the holy days then they can! The days wasn't made for man to worship it, it was made in honor of Jehovah… An, pork? To a real HEBREW ISRAELITE who understands what Jesus Christ came for understand that it is irrelevant! It's goes in the toilet! If they choose not to eat pork then they don't have to! It's amazing how people try to keep people under the law instead of bringing them to the True Light! Pslam 1:1-3! Have a nice day my friend!

  10. Funny you said magnesium (Class Delta fire/Navy). Stay as "objective" as possible king. You're definitely on the right path. Always wanted to become a traveller, hasn't manifested. We'll see. Good speed/fortune.

  11. The charter was granted to African Lodge #459 ONLY in 1784…in the 1800's the members of African Lodge severed ties with the Grand Lodge of England and created the African Grand Lodge and there was no further interaction or relationship with the United Grand Lodge of England until 1994 when the UGL of E established amity with the Prince Hall Grand Lodges. So for most of Prince Hall Grand Lodges existence, they have been independent of any European authority.

  12. Thank you for the video. I’ve been a Freemason in Canada for 3-4 years now, A.F. & A.M. but it’s time I take a demit and join my local Prince Hall Lodge. What do you think of that? And oh, I know you already addressed the argument, but my justification for Freemasonry is that it is primordially and Afrikan art for us to reclaim and learn from.

  13. white people or tamau are in every discipline that is mentioned in the topic he's covering, truth needs no support, take out of it whatever you are into that is good for you and leave what doesn't agree with you alone. I study a little bit of everything no matter where it or who it comes from knowledge is power when you know how to apply it, good video

  14. The black masons are shunned because many in the so called conscious community know about the mystery systems and see the Masonic lodge for what it is, a rip off of African culture. There is not much logic behind a black man being a mason as it is seen as another reason to be up under white people. You can get the knowledge from your ancestors not from the people who stole from your ancestors. Black masons are not respected in the black conscious community for that reason.

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