November 28, 2021

11 thoughts on “Why Black Americans are not repatriating to Nigeria ???

  1. Nigerians living in America are scared to move back to Nigeria, why? A Nigerian youtuber said that African Americans are regularly seen traveling freely throughout the villages in Ghana but they would not be safe if they went to Nigerian villages. Why? Another youtuber born in America to Nigerian parents, said her parents were terrified for her when she decided to move to Nigeria…I wonder why? These are people that understand the culture and yet they are afraid to move to Nigeria, why wouldn't those of us who don't understand the culture, be afraid? In the next 10 years, I believe Ghana will be a force to be reckoned with…the foresight of its leaders and the HUMILITY of the people are very attractive when considering such a life changing move. Ghanaians don't seem to be pride filled, boastful people, they are proof that God gives grace to the humble. That is my reason for booking my ticket to Ghana.

  2. These people are so jealous and obsessed with African Americans it’s ridiculous.African Americans mostly come from the Congo region Angola Cameroon ect and were the among the first inhabitants of North America by non Indigenous people.They were here before most Europeans with the early Dutch traders and helped build what became America.This was in the 1600’s

  3. Most Nigerian enslaved people were taken to Brazil and Cuba by the Portuguese. The Portuguese used to colonize Nigeria. The afro black people in Brazil and Cuba still practice their yuroba vodoo culture. The afro Cubans have a strong connection to their yuroba ancestry

  4. Nigeria produces less electricity than the state of Alabama.I know many AA who live there but tribal politics nepotism corruption.When Nigeria has less infrastructure than most countries.Nigeria wasted 400 billion in oil revenues and still has no functioning 24/7 grid.AA are first world people.

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