September 16, 2021

41 thoughts on “Why Black Men Are Moving To Colombia Instead Of Moving Back To Africa? @Blackmens Travels

  1. Most of these black men think the Spanish woman want them may be for a short time until they get what they want, he wants the light skin or white woman but one thing is for sure the Spanish woman is not faithful to one man. Who you think kill the American who was going to open a restaurants in Latin American he met a Spanish woman & boom he was murdered

  2. Why do people get upset when black Americans would rather go to Latin America rather than to Subsaharan Africa (since Africa is a diverse continent) colorism may be one reason but also consider it's closer, it's cheaper in most cases, less hassle with visas, and also familiarity. If colorism was truly a factor a black American could easily go to Ethiopia or Morocco for light skin women or go all the way to South Africa for a white Afrikanner woman.

  3. Let’s be honest Africans are not the same as so called black ppl, they are of a hametic stock. Just go ask any African man they’ll tell you straight up that we are not the same. They don’t like us. South America are our ppl just born south of the border. We are not Africans!
    Also just in my opinion hametic women aren’t that great looking unless you like that “tribal” look so called black women of the Americas are wayyyyyyyy better lookin then those hamites over there

  4. How can you discuss Africa with someone who has never been to Africa? Can you do a video with someone who has been to Africa and South America? And no, the white man has not kept anything from you, do your own research. And by the way, we had a black President. If the white man kept everything from you, why didn't the black President fix all that while he was in office (AND he never would have been voted in with out the White vote)!!! Guess all the white supremacists forgot they were white supremacists on election day.

  5. That is a good question, why aren't they moving back to Africa? Such a beautiful continent. Why don't black people even travel to Africa? I'm white and I have been to Africa and when I ask people have they ever been they say no. I find that odd.

  6. In general American black men prefer mixed light skin sisters.. Simple as that. They are not into dark African women with strong features, period. They would rather travel to Brazil and the Dominican republic and Columbia for those chicks.

  7. I genuinely appreciate all your content hoping u brothas can show more black men who're married/in relationship with foreign Melanin Latina/African women to many false accusations of BAM simpintricken

  8. We live in a very sexuality society… When you as a man first priority is woman as a sex object and what they can do for you, something is wrong with that picture… Sex for men have a shelf life… where is love and family? I guess it all depends on what you want from life. I am not American, I’m Latina from Central America, I see American men totally different from our men, we are very family oriented…I guess maybe it’s culture…🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. It is not projection. I Am light-skinned and many men have admitted to me that they prefer light-skinned women over dark skin because that is their taste and they find them more beautuful. It has nothing to do with attitude but self-hatred..

  10. Many African descendants living outside the USA suffer from self hatred and try to justify their love for everybody else with nonsensical reasons, and they fear going to Africa because they still believe the propaganda from the West about African and they hate their African features adopting the Western ideology of beauty. He just admitted that when he talked about what African women look like. They love and long to live the life of the slavemaster and wants everything master has including his white women or a woman looking close to her to have babies that do not look like themselves whom they hate consciouslyor subconsciously. Many of the women suffer from the smae self hatred. Slavery has done a successful job of indoctrination on Blacks. Even when they go to the Caribbean or Central and South America, they somehow only find the light-skinned women beautiful and date them.

  11. That is one of the reasons why many Blacks are suffering because they have adopted the immoral standards of the West in particular the USA and have strayed from the moral standards of the Creator God. Therefore, many of us in Africa and mostly in the African diaspora need to repent and turn back to a righteous family lifestyle building up our communities to be ultimately truly be freed and get the permanent blessings from our enemies.

  12. I think one of the reasons is that many African men are very brainwashed and are in love with women who look closer to the slave master, and are in love with many Hispanic women.

  13. Let’s be honest. Most Black Men move to those particular places that you mentioned has something to do with colorism and eurocentric desires as well. Don’t give me that “Black ppl are there too.” I have noticed that trend going on for a while now. Keep it a buck.

  14. It all comes down to the lopsided negative images about Africa that have for years been fed to African Americans. Even B.E.T. doesn't do much to bring to light the other side of Africa you do not see on propaganda media. As a result, most African Americans are ashamed and in fear of the unknown or the (propaganda) about Africa. Knowledge and the willingness to do the research are the key to break free from that psychological bondage. Thanks to you Oshay and others for doing your best to change the narrative!

  15. I can't even take these passport brothers seriously. All they do is generalize women. In the last 7 years, I've seen these black men travel movements however 99% of these men don't establish a real business in Latin America , the Caribbean or the Southeast Asia. Passport brothers (pervs) travel to easy sex nothing more.

  16. Culturally we are much more familiar and comfortable with this hemisphere and its culture. Also, most of us are mixed genetically with a whole lot of something and we like the genetic mix south of here… namely Brazil because of the African flavor… and they like us!!!.

  17. AA like complaining. They want everything to be perfect for them. They forget that when Colombus landed in Americas nothing was easy as compared to Europe he left. Even these AA ancestors didnt find a perfect America . So if Africa's business system is not organized why can't they move to Africa and bring some good ideas to make things changed?

  18. Nigeria is very full right now overpopulated and struggling with its own internal contradictions.The honest truth is that Nigeria is not ready for repats now, but when ready, its gonna be wonderful.

  19. Listen to these men as an African woman, it’s gonna take us a long time as African to be respected . This is why Africa won’t succeed in my life time. Need our men to come to Africa but they only think of women 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️

  20. Also, saying bad experiences w/ africans in the us will make them not want to go to africa makes no sense to. me, bc hasnt there been tension and issues between AAs and hispanics as well? And even then, africa is a vaaaastt continent. There are many countries they could stay in, how many african americans can even say they've met or dealt with tanzanians often?

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