September 20, 2023
Why I decided GHANA was the BEST for my FAMILY..... destination africa | repatriation

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hosts the largest number of global international migrants. The surge in international migration into has been emersed in the last couple of years.. Ghana’s President declared and formally launched the “, Ghana 2019” for Africans in the Diaspora, giving fresh impetus to the quest to unite Africans on the continent with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora.

Meet the Richardson’s who migrated from the UK with their entire family to Ghana a year and a few months ago.. They graced this episode of The Diaspora transition sharing their experience and how it has been so far and how coming to Ghana has been the best decision ever.. Dentaa finds out about their journey, how they manage to home school their children, pros and cons, and balancing it with their (DestinationAfrica)..

DestinationAfrica is an international program designed to empower the next African generation to create, invent, and impact the world they live in. The program is designed to establish a close bond between parents and children and provide a holistic educational experience through fun, games, and competitions. This program offers the following:

• Language (Twi)
• Leadership Skills
• African History
• Critical Thinking

• African Cooking
• Music & Dance
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30 thoughts on “Why I decided GHANA was the BEST for my FAMILY….. destination africa | repatriation

  1. Watching my son treated as a third class citizen in US made me move us back to Kenya when he was 7. He's now back in the US and 30 years old. Coming back to Kenya was the best decision I made for both my son and myself. See how these children are thriving. Mine thrived and now is an IT consultant happy and well adjusted.

  2. Strong up ODANTA NET WORK, Am watching this video with u and WADE MAYA, As i speak, And hear u touching a very sensitive topic, Yes, that [ VISA ISSUE ], I wrote about it all the time, When our Ancestors we're drag off of our continent Africa with no visa, Leaving all their values behind including Land houses and many other values, Now we're trying to make it back to the mother Land, We need a [ VISA ] AVISA that was, Implemented by the slave masters and colonizers and limited time in whatever Country we chose, paying for permit entry, which need to be updated very frequently, and costly as well, It make you wander if it is a scamming ring replace our original roots, Status, and respect as an African descendant , How can you used the white man concept to trap you own people, This speak volume to how [ DEEP OUR SELF HATE GOES ] So am very happy to hearing us sharing the same sentiment of mine, Keep the fyiah burning Sis, Stay Strong up, You represented hope, Love it

  3. I love how she included the children so much in this video. The children are well home schooled by their parents, well mannered, well spoken. Am glad they adapted well and were actually excited to live in Ghana 🇬🇭 Such a very beautiful family!!!!!!

  4. Awww love this family and these children. I love how the son looks up to his daddy really proudly as his role model, similarly the daughter looking up to her mommy proudly as her role model. I would say back in the day in major cities in Uk like London Liverpool and Manchester so many black Caribbean boys were involved in knife crime and drugs, nowadays it’s mainly children from Africa as the Caribbean population has literally dwindling due to migration t0 North America and of course intermarriage with Caucasians means the black Caribbean familiy can jardly be identified.
    This is much better in their home Countries where they will be much more appreciated and happy as opposed to being exposed to UK Inner cities where they are more likely to die by knife crime and becoming too heavily involved in drugs at a young age.
    This is fantastic!!!!!! God bless and enrich this family!!!!!!

  5. I'm sad and also speechless when the boy said he is designing an app for the his program at his age he was teach to create an app this are some of the opportunities

  6. An absolutely awesome and beautiful family !
    An interesting interview !
    An incredibly wonderful interviewer ! 👏
    Btw I'm watching from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

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