Why I Got Arrested In Burkina Faso

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  1. I think it's more that they don't know about your intentions Wode maybe you should have a contact person and
    make sure they get a permission before you arrive. And french African speaking countries are maybe as aggressive and irrational
    like there agressors/Colonial thieves . If you have met a french person you Will know what i mean french people are agrressive
    and very hard to communicate with they have know manners in france or the french riviera same stressful people.

  2. wow, this video brings back lot of memories. was glad you featured me on your channel and its been a blessing. God bless you bro. Thanks to all your subscribers who showed me love.

  3. The most prejudiced people against Africans are Africans themselves. Subscribing to borders drawn by the racist colonialists and mistreating your fellow African. This is why the continent fails to progress.

  4. The TRUTH is the TRUTH. As a photographer or cinematographer it is very easy to get arrested for talking a picture. I have been arrested all over the united states for the exact same reason. Generally speaking a picture isn't going to lie. Yes, there are ways that some pictures can be manipulated, but there are way to detect that too. But generally people fear that truth that can be exposed in pictures.

  5. How come everywhere you go they either arrest you or Deport you? I mean I watched the video you made in Uganda and I was suspicious on you. I might be wrong. But at least be careful some of your actions might be translated inappropriate to some people.

  6. Thanks for the information , but its true black people find it very easy to attack other blacks. But whites and other coloured take photos everyday and they are never arrested.

  7. The same thing happened to me in berbera somaliland… But lucky someone came to save me quickly… In my case it doesn't help that I look Ethiopian even thought I am mixed Somali they thought I was a spy lol… Also in my case and maybe others they just do it because they want a bribe unfortunately this happens a lot in afrcia… But if you look at it from the other side u could say they are protecting their country hard from spy and they are not getting paid enough to do their jobs so they need to take money from others… All this can be fixed by the people in power like u say!

  8. Demon Possessed by European Alien Spirit, Dr. Amos

    Dr. Amos Wilson, Love for the Aggressor

    Baba Chancellor Speaks:

    "Black hate Black. It is not just a myth. We do not have the same respect for the members our race as we do for some other race, especially the white race."

    Chancellor Williams, Author, The Destruction of the Black Civilizations


    The Falsification of African Consciousness, Dr. Amos Wilson
    Black in Black Violence: Self Annihilation in Service to White Supremacy, Dr. Amos Wilson
    Global African Self Hatred, Dr
    The Psychology of Self Hatred, Dr. Amos


    Destruction of the Black Civilizations, Chancellor Williams
    Exchanging Our Country Marks, Michael Gomez
    Black on Black Violence: Self Annihilation in Service of White Supremacy. Dr. Amos Wilson

  9. As said as it sounds, all nations thrives on safety of their security. Please just be careful when you are within security zones in any country, it's wouldn't take anything from you to ask for permission to take out your phones from any member of the security details within the vicinity.

  10. organized countries dont want the chaos of some west african countries,why should i have connection to somebody just because i have the same skin colour or come from the same region?

  11. #WODEMAYA honestly since I' ve started to follow you u've been madly inspiring me and I wish one day to be a burundian#WODEMAYA .I've been watching your videos when you were in Zanzibar and was complaining why I didn't get a chance to meet u while I was in zanzibar too.but if u don't mind u may direct me how I can get your contact digital

  12. Hell no it's not because of the terrorisim that's why they are behaving this way, it's self hate by french speaking african countries, it has alway been that way towards their english speaking africans, l have travel a cross west african , l vory coast, Mali and the worst senegal 2005-2008 and it's horrible.
    l don't blame them but they have been brainwashed by their slave owners, france have done pretty good work on them.

  13. #Daya Nito. Ati who are professional? Mhu???.
    And of course, it was a he said she said and all that goes theories in such cases. One being that it was supposedly the enstranged wealthy husband that hired the thug "professional" cops to eliminate the wife after they separated.
    What I know is that it was an aunt and nephew not, mother and son. I may be wrong.
    Ask your self, would a mother take her son to a park to have "ngono" with him of all places?!
    The police who sorrounded and shot them claimed that they caught them in the act with pants down literally.
    Even if it were true; so, rain bullets on them?
    There are good and bad cops @ the world, with my experience however… One of the security officers even went further and claimed that they had found my cousin in a non go area at the airport. It was nerve-racking.
    And why didn't they just lock him up instead of detaining me with stupid endless questions of how I was related to my cousin.. if they detained me there long enough, I would just give in and bribe them so as not to miss my flight, which I almost did. Anyway, kwaheri.

  14. talk to the cultural office in each embassy before you travel to any country. Now traveling is not that fun because of the security problems in some countries such as burkina faso, northern nigeria, nairobi, mombassa, etc

  15. My advice for you is avoid African French countries that can’t speak 30% English language Brother you will regret it, they are so stupid about you speaking English to them and this is how the white supremacy use separate we Africans, French people don’t think twice like English people, and when this same white peoples will go to this same country and do the same thing that you did and go Scott free. #LUVAFRICA

  16. I have never commented on any You Tube Channel before, but this video has made me do so. Please please please people, stop making it look like Africans mistreat/don't like their own. It isn't like that at all. It's simply because of security reasons and we all know it (mostly because of terror attacks that have been carried out in those particular countries). The reason the police would take further actions is if seen taking pictures where pictures aren't allowed to be taken for security reasons like at the Airports, some 5star Hotels and Restaurants, Malls etc. Please stop stressing falsehood about Africans not liking each other. We love each other. Saying we don't like each other paints a bad picture to the rest of the world. All these is simply and purely because of security reasons, period. Keep in mind even citizens in those particular countries aren't allowed to take pictures in specific places in their countries and they know it and that doesn't exclude any foreigners either. Wode Maya, please please try read and understand about a countrie's rules and regulations before travelling there. It isn't fair to keep saying Africans don't love each other. Is that really true?? It comes across as a general thing. I really love your videos and I am a fun. Take this as a sound advice from your sister. Thanks and much love.

  17. you been living in china and you still talk bout devided countries? does china and japan get along? how bout north and south korea? ..you will not even be allowed to any african coutries if you think speakin manadarin makes you chinese

  18. I am from burkina faso and I sorry from what happened to you. Burkina faso is going through hard time of terrorist attack that is why everyone is under pressure. Sorry again for what happened.


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