September 28, 2021

32 thoughts on “Why I Left America & Moved To Africa

  1. This man is a gem, as well as you Wode Maya. Borders should be eliminated because they were artificially constructed by the Europeans, not black people. Creating region's that are based on tribal/ethnic populations is understandable but even that is not something that should be supported. One Africa is the way to go, in fact when there is unification, perhaps a name change is also in order since the word/name 'Africa' was also European.

  2. I just got on your channel but I'm soaking in a lot of knowledge to help in my transition back to Ghana. Its a process but it will surely happen. Thanks for creating this leeway in helping my transitional process progress smoothly. All your videos are helping tremendously

  3. That interview was so so heart felt. I felt a little nervous about considering the trip as soon as he spoke about bribes and the police. I’m an American without a lot of money, so this tells me I would need years of saving up to make the transition. I say years because it’s expensive to live in the US and save for emergencies, then to add moving to Africa would be challenging.

  4. I love all the interviews. Why so many commercials? I get caught up, then a commercial begins and it makes me feel like I fell out of my chair. 😂😂

  5. As an African the first thing i would advise anyone looking to move here is to get a residual income before moving here. alternatively you can come here and start a business but you'll still need an income to live on while here. Dont come here thinking of finding a job bcoz it wont be easy. so build a source of income then come , anything between $1000-$2000 monthly income can enable you to live like a king over here, so work on that first.

  6. With all the excitement let’s not forget that yes there are opportunities everywhere but for average African getting $100000 USD to invest is huge amount and is not attainable.

  7. Thats very interesting that he came to America, lived here for years, had a good life going and then one day decided , ive had enough. It goes to show you that America is not everyone, the world is bigger than here.

  8. This man is describing the feelings of most black people in America. The problem is the resource to move back isnt there for some Americans. I think if african governments would make it easier for black people abroad. Africa would rise much faster with the wealth and education that black people in america would be bringing when they move back. I'm from south america but live in america and plan on moving to africa eventually.

  9. Bribe is in our blood even if the government pay them £2000 a month they would still take bribes they are used to receiving and enjoy taking instead of giving is a pitty 😭

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