September 21, 2021

33 thoughts on “Why I Moved to Africa. (GAMBIA)

  1. Hellooo everyone!!! ❤️ I see ALL of yalls comments and sweet messages. I appreciate all the love and support so much! It warms my heart to know how my family’s story has touched you guys. I didn’t know this video would get as much attention as it did. 75k views?!!!! 😭 y’all KNOW I’m cheesin hella hard. thank you guys so much for watching and supporting, it means so much to me & my family. thank you to those especially who were willing enough to have an open mind to understand why me and my parents chose to take this journey. ✨ much love & peace! -Rickeyta

  2. What a fine sister. 😍 Your future husband will be a very lucky man waking up to that pretty face, I'd fall in love every morning. You have a bit of an accent, where is it from?

  3. I know your pops a real one because only real ones understand the culture shock of college from people in the hood. It takes a curtain type of castration of a black man most go under to be accepted in that society. Love

  4. You're so different from the kind of tomboy I first saw. Now you've blossomed into a fully-blown, beautiful woman. You've got something from Charlotte Dipanda, the internationally acclaimed Cameroonian singer: smooth features, and soft-spoken.

  5. Iam a upper middle class white boy.I think your beautiful.My question for you is thus.How are wealthy white men treated in gambia.From the you tube channels i watch,It seems the native africans,are not always welcoming to their american cousins,It seems they consider black americans a threat to their jobs,and culture.They think black americans are rich and entitled.Are there any,rich white americans living in gambia.and if so,how are they treated.I know racism is colorblind.Any race,all races can have racist in them,its not just a white thing.If i were black.i would move to africa,American blacks are born with a target on their back.I do not understand why more american blacks,go back to the motherland,But i was born a rich entitled white boy.that is as good as it gets in america for sure.color me curious,thanks russ.

  6. bornand raises in Nashville and my second home is Clarksville wich i just love and wanna go back to live again..but ive dreamed of moving to Africa ever since Trump went to th wh..At this point i definitely wanna go to Africa..i have 5 beautiful children and here is not th place for me or them…

  7. Great Video!!! I am very interested in moving to Africa however I am O blood type and mosquitos love me. Taking Malaria drugs longer than a year has side effects..does anyone have an experience moving to Africa long term and dealing with Malaria.

  8. I can really relate to this video and I understand now why so many Black people are moving back to Africa. Like right now there's algorithms designed to keep black people failing in the US and Europe, but in Africa we can finally have true freedom to meet our potential.

  9. I enjoyed the video. Would love to talk with your mom and dad as I'm trying to convince my wife to move to Ghana. She's reluctant but listening. We may be in Africa this summer and I would love to trip to Gambia and see life through their eyes.

  10. Love seeing the Family togetherness over on the Abyssinian continent, will surely come and see Africa and all it's 55 Nations, in the meanwhile got to dig the cheddar in the USA, I know as a person from the Caribbean with a lot of African friends like Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia they always tell me that Afica has a lot of Hospitality, bless up to my idren Luck Imiaimia, love all Africa.

  11. Lovely strong parents. Through all the racism, firing & hardship they kept going so that they could get HOME! You should be very proud! I hope to get back home oneday too. Blessings ❤💛💚 x

  12. I'm from Chicago too, I always Wanted to go but my family didn't want to go son is now 22 and my daughter 15 now they are ready I live in KY now 😢 💔 we are more than ready but my husband is not

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