August 14, 2022


  1. Princess Onika Thanks BigUps 2 the Ladies Nails lifestyles priceouts. This was key for men even as myelf as circa Models Going back In Returning sooner THE BIZ…understanding a bit more HOW to vibe in Womans Worth Worlds (N_General-the -common-bond): Keep Fight the Good Fight Princess: Keep Blessed Own It!!

  2. Great video! You look amazing 👍 you should explore more countries in Africa. Maybe Togo, Morroco, Tanzanian, Rwanda etc… You could network with people and set up your own designer business. It wouldn't be easy but possible. Good luck 🤞

  3. 1. History: Fufuo/fufu means mash or mix in Twi language of the Akan ethnicity in Ghana. Fufuo/fufu is a specific staple food for the Akan ethnic groups in southern part of Ghana 🇬🇭 and Ivory Coast, West Africa.

    Fufuo (also means white and derived from the white color of the cassava/fufu is soft doughy and made out of a mixture of boiled cassava mix with plantains or coco yams pounded together in a mortar (waduro) with a pestle (woma) unique to the Akans and only eaten with liquid soups such as, Light soup(nkrakra soup usually from garden eggs, aubergines, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peppers), palm nut soup, Groundnut/peanut soup, Abun abun (green vegetable soup usually from Nkontomire leaves), werewere soup, akatoa (agushi) soup with meats, fishes, snails, crabs, mushrooms and okro (nkruma) on the side. Fufuo/fufu is usually served in Asanka (an earthware bowl; black or red in color). Yum yum 😋😋😋🇬🇭🇬🇭
    Authentic Fufuo/fufu ⬇️

    Fufuo/fufu is celebrated every with Fufuo/fufu party by the Akan news mediums in Ghana 🇬🇭 every year.

    The adulterated fufu powder sold in the Ghanaian markets in the western countries is what has caused this confusion and now everyone wants to call every doughy food fufu, even the Nigerian pounded yam and akpu (which is bankye mmore/agbelema/fermented cassava), Amala (Kokonte), Eba (Gari Fufuo), semolina, cabbage dough with Egusi stew [Palava sauce (Nkontomire mixed with Akatoa (Agushi) stew or only Akatoa (Agushi) stew] and Okra stews are now being called Fufu by Nigerians in recent times and it is sabotaging the authentic Ghana Fufuo/fufu and making the name popular and trending internationally in USA because of their large numbers which is wrong.

    Whenever you visit Ghana 🇬🇭 ask for Fufuo/fufu chop bars (Fufuo/fufu restaurants) and you will be surprised that it's all over in Ghana.
    Authentic Ghana Fufuo/fufu preparation ⬇️

    This is the Fufuo/fufu powder that has been confusing people and a box of authentic Ghana Fufu powder is actually captioned in the video. ⬇️

    In the depth of a typical Akan region you will hear Fufuo mostly but when Ghanaian businesses men processed the authentic Fufuo/fufu into powdered cassava/plantains /coco yam Fufu powder years ago and sold in markets in America, Canada, Europe, UK and and most western countries because they couldn't pound the Fufu in the mortar with the pestle in those white countries as it's very noisy when pounding they shortened it to be Fufu because fufu in Twi means marsh or mix and eg. is saying in Twi "fufu 3to or fufu Gari Foto", and because of the Fufu powder it became popular among Africans and parts of the Caribbean. So most West and Central Africans started calling almost every powdered doughy food Fufu.

    If you are younger or haven't lived in abroad for a long time you wouldn't even think about the origin of Fufu because the new generations don't necessarily care to know their history much. Hope you researched more on how and why when you see every Fufu powder both in Ghana and abroad, you will see it's a Ghanaian product.

    If you are an Akan, but you are younger or haven't lived in abroad for a long time you wouldn't even think about why it's called both Fufuo/fufu in Ghana because it's been part of you since the day you are born or you maybe younger and just don't know the history.

    I am an Akan and it makes me proud when other people eat my staple food Fufuo/fufu with the liquid soups in the right way but to sabotage and replace it with other doughy foods simply because it looks similar is unacceptable.

    We must learn to give credit to the origination of our foods, our inventions and also give credit to other people's foods and inventions accordingly to give respect to our heritage. That's why there's plagiarism.

    Fufuo/fufu is a specific stable food for the Akan ethnic groups in ♥️ Ghana 🇬🇭 and Ivory Coast.

    2. watch this video ⬇️ of a Nigerian man lying through his teeth and claiming that Pona yams comes from Nigeria on the Channels Television, a Nigerian news media which is wrong because he gave false information to the Nigerian public because Pona yams are grown only in Ghana 🇬🇭.
    Channels Television, a Nigerian news media ⬇️

  4. im white and in west side they speak me sweden and east they speak me russia😂 i don't speak those.

    i really hate asking people lot of money for small work but if do cheap business not survive.

    i also want to move out but i have to collect enough money to start new life, better have extra money then too little.

  5. Wow you’re amazing looking hope to see more videos of you princess. We can’t wait to hear more of your stories of your life in Finland and more on your journey back to Ghana and also more about you where your from and why you choose Ghana over the other African countries.🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️😍👍🏾🙏🏾

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