September 19, 2021


  1. Any (single) women in the US trying to eventually move back? Let's network and plan together…and head on home. I have experience having been brought up in Kenya

  2. I want to live in Africa all my life, even if I travelled to America or Europe, it will be for business purposes, but to live in permanently, it has to be Africa. I am from Nigeria but I want to marry a Non Nigerian, any single lady from Kenya, Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana or even Egypt is welcomed in my life.

  3. Hi AFRICAN TIGRESS. My wife and I want to relocate to Kenya from the US. We are interested in engaging in farming. Can you advise how we can go about moving to Kenya hassle-free?

  4. I hope that all the people who's coming back to there roots is planing is and her return wisely you. I would say one must have a skill and a good some of money all so they must be able to buy your own land. The way I see it people should come home in numbers of 20 & 50s if possible also learn the Language in the country that you are coming from if you can remember this is The Mother Land Africa and not the west one love to all. African Jamaican Rasta Man say so.

  5. I desire to visit Mombassa. I have a very close Kenyan friend who worked with me in Bahrain. I look forward to visiting and plan on learning the native language. I am a teacher with 20 years experience. USA.

  6. Many mosly black americans are geting out of The USA to go and live mostly in African countries and many young blk Africans want to get out Africa to go and live in the USA or europe or els where

  7. So the real question if someone could plz answer, what are rules and regulations around immigration?

    On arrival everyone is given citizenship? How come these ppl never speak on these kinda topic?

  8. This is another great interview Queen African Tigress many of us here just want to feel real peace to be able to breathe King thank you for letting us know the different ways we can get back home

  9. 26:00 is profound. I am Jamaican I grew up there. I now live in the States and have had a relatively easy life in both Places. But in the States there is so much options and excess and good things that people take for granted. Almost 100% electricity uptime, Same for indoor plumbing. School bus in every locale, No one walking barefooted and food support for needy students. But I hate to see water and food being wasted, even worse people wasting opportunities. Life's not easy it's not even fair, but every chance we get we gotta grab it.

  10. Lived in Phoenix for sometime. Loved it.
    Yes especially African Americans come back home. This is where you come from.
    Don't think Africa is in Pluto. Come home!! Even when your kids give you trouble trust Kenyan schools for corrections. (Not all kids are bad just stating an example.

    I will be moving bk home soon.

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