September 18, 2021

44 thoughts on “Why I Moved To South Africa.

  1. Out cruising the interwebs going over older content from some of the unique perspectives I consider greats in tech reviews and fun stuff (because of shortages due to crypto and covid/chip shorates). I about split my soda on my ultrawide at 6:30 then had the ominous if we only could have known feeling through 7:05.

  2. Brett: Dedicates his life to Jesus and helping people

    Jesus: Gives Brett's child a terrible illness

    Jesus: "Thanks, but fuck you anyway."


  3. Despite your good heart and good intentions. I'm so disappointed in the fact that you would support religion and the harm it continues to do in the world desire your personal efforts.

    That's like the one good Nazi saving kids while promoting the Third Reich….

    Except, religion kills more people than the Nazis ever will….

  4. My favorite question how can i sync RGB of the different cheap brands like the coolermaster octane, my gaming mouse and the rgb led strip with software ??

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