Why I Started The Africa To The World On ''Nigeria Radio''

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Comment (49)

  1. I have Nigerian friends here in the states and they are very kind,hardworkers,intelligent black people.they said they will take me there someday.I have been to Ghana.absolutely love the people there.

  2. The first thing Nigerian's need to sort out is Electricity! It's 2019. One of the richest countries in the World can't provide basic electricity to its citizens. Nigeria is listed among the top 5 countries to invest in if it could rid itself of Government corruption which has filtered down through the ages. Perhaps Abuja should cut itself off as a Re-Republic lol.

  3. I am had you have brought up the issues on light and that disgusting airport in Lagos…for a country accumulating so much wealth but cannot get their act together is sad. The presenter saying that the govt is working on it is not true. I think he said that in order not to get into trouble with agents that don't want to hear the truth.

  4. I disagreed with what Maya says about protecting ones country from negative exposure because when you do that you endangered the lives of others. People should speak the truth about what is going on in the country; it help to protect people from being scammed or killed. In recent years, you see many people returned home to certain Caribbean country and ended up dead. People need to know the truth about a country so that they can make better decisions when travelling or returning home to live. If there is a place where people are killing people for rituals, you don't want anybody to go there and become a victim. So, speak about the positive and the negative.

  5. I cannot have enough of Trudy and Maya. Honestly, as a believer I feel God has paired you together for the great work of exposing Africa to the world. I'm blue in the face convincing whites in Canada and America just how amazing Africa is and just when I was feeling like it's a lost cause, I found you two.
    Hope to meet you someday, if I visit Kenya soon, Miss Maya you are on my list of people to browse Nairobi with.
    Meanwhile, I'm forcing my kids to watch your journeys, as they are on their own learning curves.
    God bless you both, keep doing this, it's not in vain, its God's work and part of Africa's restoration.
    We are big, bold and beautiful!

  6. Thank you Wado Mayo for information regarding my mother land Africa.
    I used to see only negative things on Television regarding Africa and Africans. Not knowing that the media was portraying these negative things to deter us Afro American, and Afro Caribbean from visiting our mother land Africa.
    Now with emerging technologies like YouTube channel and Facebook , GOD is and has increased our knowledge to use these technologies to communicate with our black people.
    Bob Marley sang " Africans must unite "
    I would like to learn how to be a vlog on YouTube or You tuber.

  7. I had dated an Nigerian and went with to the Retailer store , he bought his own shoes , he did not spent onr cent on me even i was hungry but he wanted to come to my home , we went to my home , i cooked food for bother of us , we ate , we talked but i found he was so selfish and wanted benefit on me ! I was so smart as Burundian ' s. American Women . He left and i blocked his phone number . I didnt see him as other Africans i knew here in the U.S.A but i have two Cousins who are married by Nigerians .They husbands treat them goo and their children .They travel together to do business and my Cousind dress very well and happy with their Nigerians husbands . The Nigerians love first their Family that is what i see from my Burundians ' Cousins who are married to them .

  8. Wode Maya (Aiyaa Maya), is truly an African Hero, for having done all these works for Our Great Continent for free.
    Wode Maya, you will live long to reap the fruit of all these works you have been doing for Mother Africa.
    If you truly love Africa and Africans, and you are proud about it, hit the like icon.

  9. Hi maya l have been watching your videos u are really really doing an excellent work like seriously l do tell my white friends here Switzerland 🇨🇭 about Africa but they don't believe me but after watching your videos they're na the one telling me that they want to visit Africa with me in December mostly Nigeria🇳🇬 that they're going to take care of everything outside Nigeria because l told am going to take care of Nigeria, maya u are really doing great work let's come together🤝🏽 to make Africa great💪 one love Africa 👍🤝🏽

  10. Good job Wode Maya, keep on going. Something good needs to come out of this. Keep the money in Africa. You deserve to be supported. Maybe if nothing else Wode maya, you can write a book to tell the Africa story or do a documentary, Africa to the world. You can do a series or sell your videos. Keep going something good will come out of it.


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