September 20, 2021

20 thoughts on “Why I'm Moving To Africa?

  1. African Americans are so racist they diss you for being in a interracial relationship. Loving someone without seeing his/her race is a crime for them. And yet they cry about racism in own country. Start by removing yourself with racist ideology. Blacks should able to love anyone from any race. It’s their choice!

  2. Funny how time flies, I know Dr Mumbi from Phillip Scott the advise show and saw this interview but, wow, I think things really worked for you when you became problack so to speak. I hope it's not just an act though. bWhen it comes to dating outside and talking problack, I get accused of that too, but sometimes people don't understand what it takes to have a permit living as a foreigner in a foreign land. Only another brotha in a diaspora can relate.

  3. Your vibe has always been great Maya, two years you looked 14 oops I keep on forgetting wode Maya is not even 28
    In my mind I feel like Maya is 70 year old
    Maya you are an old soul
    Look how far u have came from

  4. Some people can be so judge mental. But you just did your thing when hate was all around your name and it payed off in terms off impact. Mass respect to you from GhanaπŸ‡¬πŸ‡­.

  5. Seems like yesterday… I remember you with nappy and all of them. When you first met Trudy at the airport lol. I’m glad I stayed and seen the success that you have become! WOW soar higher bro!

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