September 28, 2021

21 thoughts on “WHY IM NOT MOVING TO AFRICA? Things to Consider Before Moving To Africa!

  1. Great content. My 2 cents will be the issue of light NEPA is major but invest in solar panels. Remember whoever wanna relocate to 9ja, go with a plan. Have properties in the west or Obodo Oyibo that are paid for to support you in 9ja. Abdul from USA

  2. I’ve been thinking of moving back to Africa for some time now. Either I’ll move to Nigeria or Ghana. My body thrives there, my skin clears up and smoothens, my stomach issues disappear. I love it there. What is holding me back is the safety concerns in Nigeria such as arm robbery and kidnappings. Also I don’t want to be far from my family and friends.

  3. Jambo Ejima. Your comments are worth serious thought and discussion. Basically (as you know), the Diaspora in the US (like the other Black ethnicities in the Americas, e.g., Afro-Cubans or Afro-Brazilians) are largely of Bantu stock emanating from the following present-day geographical spaces collectively: Mozambique epicenter plus the triangular node region of Senegambia, DRC and Angola. Also, check out the video 'The US, a place of many things African': . In the video, some of the inquiries you raise in your comment box are addressed in the aforementioned video. Let's talk some time. Feel free to e-mail me: . I look forward to hearing from you. Asante sana (many thanks).

  4. Great video but saying black people are not indigenous to America is not true. Their were black people in America before slavery. The systems established in America is anti black is what you mean.
    I believe most of African systems are still outdated in my opinion and it’s much harder in Africa in my opinion.

  5. The problems you mention with "moving back to Africa" are real and well understood. Your arguments can all be rounded up to i). current quality of life ii). Potential for future development.

    Yup. Which is why it makes sense to only move to countries with ambition and potential for growth (Rwanda, Botswana), not necessarily your country of ancestry.

    Botswana already is a middle-income country. It's by far the most developed sub-saharan country. Rwanda is currently poor (its capital is decent) but it is without a doubt the most ambitious country (ease of doing business, security) in the region. 50 years from now I have no doubt it's going to be #1.

    Some people would mention Mauritius, but it's not on the mainland and is hardly African by population (less than 20% are black) or culture.

  6. Great video! So for me I’m a nurse and I hear the pay is garbage. That’s my number one issue since I’m young healthcare is on my mind only for emergencies. I don’t want to be a business owner and it seems like when I watch the YouTubers most people are business owners.

  7. very informative information. You touched alot of good points from both the African and American perspectives.
    My parents are senior citizens thinking about moving back to Africa, but their biggest holdback is security and healthcare.
    I agree with a lot of the things you said in the video.

  8. Africa is tough , as an African i wouldn’t recommend it, most of these YouTubers will never tell you the truth because they live of your views and donations, first of all you have racism in the West but in Africa we also have other forms of discrimination that will affect you like tribalism, nationalism, sexism etc, it’s like jumping from the frying pan to the fire itself, Africa has a lot of problems that needs to be solved first, I do however recommend investing in Africa,it’s not a walk in the park but you’ll be making a bigger impact than relocating especially because the dollars and pounds you make there can go a long way in Africa

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