December 7, 2021

22 thoughts on “Why is Africa so Poor? | Why is Africa So Underdeveloped | Why is Africa Still so Poor | Part 1

  1. With the help of information and truth of the past being given in honesty for the present, Afrika's future will truly be a brighter one.

    The way you ended this one though, on a cliff hanger!! Ready for pt 2 right now!

  2. We only have to realize our potential! We're so rich as a continent yet we sort out the colored paper and allow ourselves to be corrupted. But, there's hope. Education like this is what we need. We will wake up

  3. You the schoolers and Historians Africans, you need to Clean up the dirty history books been invented by White Supremacy to deferred our History from the truth that was they gold since over 2300 Years, and I found out We the Schoolers and Historians We fall into they wish, in Africa no body sells Human being, it was the Westerners people when to every Costs in Africa installed them self, and went to every Villages to arrest people, when you tell the history, You would say, White peoples did.

  4. Only until afrikans unite to solve all the problems within her without dependancy of foreign intervention and undo the spiritual transgression put upon them to remain scatttered throughout the world.

  5. Because the strongest bloodlines were taken off the continent centuries ago. Those that were left, or rather betrayed and sold the strongest, succumbed to corruption, mediocrity, and found false honor in servitude to foreigners. Tribalism also plays a huge part in Africa’s current state. Europeans and Asians are still allowed to gaslight the internal divisions of African peoples. Lastly, the worship of white Jesus has definitely castrated the warrior class of the continent.

  6. Ordinary Brits are not taught in schools about the true history and reality of slavery and colonisation of Africa by the British Empire, only about their royal history and world wars. In fact if it's mentioned in the curriculum in history class at all it's given a positive spin. That's why they have no problem voting for Johnson and the Tories.

  7. Afrika is NOT poor! Afrika is poorly managed! And, until Afrika goes back to living in and practicing Her own indigenous Cultural paradigms, She will remain poorly managed, confused and underdeveloped!!!
    "Freedom is Being Shackled to your Identity, Its goals and purposes." Pro. James Small.
    No person, people or country/nation gains and maintains freedom, independence and sovereignty operating in a foreign reality/identity or culture!

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