September 28, 2021

27 thoughts on “Why is Israel barring Ethiopian Jews from immigrating? | DW News

  1. Why want to move to a country that doesn't like you leaving a country that needs you. Let's make our nations better for our children so they see no need to leave for other countries that mistreat them

  2. The woman has a tattoo of a cross on her for head yet she wants.. You know what? I don't know how to reply to her nonsense. Seriously. May G-d help her. Seriously.

  3. None of them belong there. The Holy Scriptures do tell you who the people are. The cures match the people. Simple. The United States is lying to the World just like Romo and the Catholic FALSE CHURCH just like all the rest of the FALSE CHURCHES. The Holy Scriptures tell us who we are not ANY MAN. Do not trust mankind TRUST THE Lord Jesus Christ who is NOT WHITE and COLOR DOES MATTER TO YOU.

  4. Immigrants that want to go to another country to get a free ride from the welfare state are not wanted in any country. Scandanavia is finally learning the pitfalls of open borders. So is the rest of Western Europe.

  5. Because they are gentile converts, not one of the lost tribes of Jacob. The Holy Land was promised to the seed(a.k.a the descendants in the flesh) of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob/Israel.

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