September 28, 2021

42 thoughts on “Why MANY African Americans Struggle After Moving To Africa: AVOID A PAINFUL REPATRIATION

  1. Very good video. I learned the hard way when I showed up thinking I was going to connect with "all" the people. NOT. Connections and speaking the language, to me, are the most important pieces.

  2. Thanks , this was a lot of help and yes I been to africa before but I need to learn more , I am retiring as I said and I need to know these things.thanks again… God bless.

  3. Or just being used to the i.e. NY Wi-Fi or transit system and finding yourself having to fathom DC's i.e. 🤦 it's frustrating. Now let alone in the diaspora. But either way, can't wait to get the hell out without ever looking back.

  4. Great video SPK….Keep educating us on the subject matter.
    I love amenities and I dont think I could do most African countries with a few small exceptions….
    Maybe Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, or maybe Nairobi.

  5. Have connections its beautiful its 3 world hustles rip-offs are prominent be wary. The people are lovely but its easy to lose money in a bad exchange

  6. I would invest in solar energy and starlink from Tesla. I think the solar energy package comes with electricity storage. With this investment, you will have reliable air conditioning and internet through out the year in a country that is still in the early stages of development.

  7. In my years of travel, it's the small things about culture that you once took for granted that stand out the more time you spend in a foreign land.

  8. Better to have a transition place like Caribbean,spend about a month there to adapt to something new,then return back to the WEST before moving to Africa.I would advise to visit first,see if you can adjust to the environment and culture,plus be able to deal with the challenges.Once you get through that,then think of moving.I have seen another family from Canada spend 2 months living in Ghana to feel it,the return back home.After they figure out,then they move back if they feel confident.However some families are just biting the bullet and moving without visiting,they are taking a huge gamble so I would not advise that option.At the end of the day,each person will follow their spirit.

  9. Nice video you had some pretty good points. However I’m cringing just a bit at all of the generalizations.

    We need to keep in mind how big and diverse Africa is as a continent. What you deal with in Uganda one may not be dealing with in say Ghana. What you are experiencing in UG I may not be experiencing in Kenya. We definitely can’t be telling people about a lack of stop signs and stop lights. All these things depend on the area you are in and I know for a fact Uganda has plenty of stop signs and traffic lights lol. I disagree with needing connections to move to a African country . Moving to a African country is just like moving to a European country or anywhere else . You need to have your immigration stuff in line , a solid plan and you just go for it . I moved to Kenya almost 5 years ago by myself and not knowing anyone. Of course small set backs will come up but I think that happens no matter the country.

    The biggest mistake African Americans make when coming to relocate to an African country is thinking that Africans owe them something or that they should be welcomed just because of our history. Once African Americans get rid of the mind set that “this is the motherland and I’m owed this and that” relocating to a African country is easier .

    I’m looking forward to you checking out other countries and seeing how your opinions and views change .

  10. I do not think it is necessary to travel other countries prior to traveling to Africa. Every county is different. If any American person is going to any other country than America and expecting/attempting to impose an American experience/culture… they will not make it anywhere. Traveling to any country with a sense of entitlement is going to find difficulty in acclimating to the culture. I recommend researching countries prior to visiting, visiting countries prior to relocating, and building relationships with the locals or community you plan to integrate into. This is UNIVERSAL… and AFRICAN COUNTRIES ARE NOT DIFFERENT. AN OPEN MIND IS A MUST. FLEXIBILITY IS A MUST. PATIENCE IS A MUST. Educating oneself to the culture and the country will be of tremendous benefit. One last tip… NOTHING IS FREE OR CHEAP.

  11. There's one form of advice a lot of YouTubers who live(d) abroad haven't said. And that's the fact that you don't have to leave permanently as an expat if you can't. Some may discover that part time Repatriation (3 months, 6 months) also works depending on their circumstances.

  12. As far as the infrastructure issues, a lot of us are already aware to some extent. However, I would advise you to exercise some restraint since many African do not take it that easy to have their dirty laundry exposed. I have seen the hate to other Youtubers who, for only one second, took off their rose colored glasses

  13. Great video. I literally came back from Tanzania yesterday. Each country in Africa is different. Just like North America. I think that people should pick a country with similarities to what you're used to. The culture will be intense in most of these countries. And, a major point that noone talks about is you are a foreigner. They're not as happy to see you as you are seeing them. As a black person looking to connect with with other black people as a whole, in Africa, we don't realize that they have tribal roots. Each tribe has their language and culture. Also, you will find that you aren't as welcome as an Indian, white person or Chinese person. They don't have as many problems opening businesses and buying property, in a lot of the countries I've visited. There are many complexities that aren't considered before moving.

  14. Nice vid bro. I havent been to Africa (YET) however, I have lived in 4 different countries including the US, as well as lived in about a dozen states in the US during a "special set of skills" acquiring military career lol. One thing that I can tell anyone is that is planning on traveling ANYWHERE is the twoost important, valuable ASSETS are COMMON SENSE & RESPECT . those two assets go a LONG WAY everywhere on the globe, even during wartime (trust me). Common sense and respect also gain you favor with people in general. I dont care what language they speak or what religion they practice, it is a universal "currency" of sorts. If you kwep these in the forfront of your mind when you are travelling whereever you are going you more than likely will have a less of a hard time. Additionally, in American culture, we tend to take a zoo type approach to things, I even see it alot here in these youtube streets where folks be walking around amongst people on some "oooh look there are those people doing those people things".. Yeah DONT BE LIKE THAT. If you are amongst different peoples kinda interact WITH THEM not AT THEM. Do some research about the peoples the good and the bad but then it is up to YOU to contrast what you heard vs what you actually experience while interacting with people. One last thing, in your research its always important to know WHO are the "bottom caste/lower class" in your chosen area of travel. Who are they?,why are they? Its important to know these kinds of thinga because just about every place has it, yet no place will advertise them on their little destination tour packages/Vids etc. Anyway just my 2cents. Peace

  15. You should look into opening resource centers for fellow African American expats and travelers in the desirable locals/cities in Africa offering assistance in getting acclimated and helping with an international transition. Online info is fine but folks need the comfort of knowing that there’s someplace to go to connect with your own in getting started and a place for support.

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