September 18, 2021

29 thoughts on “Why moving to Africa is a Trick!

  1. SeeGold Empire is creating inlivegenus (indigenous) family/community spaces on the Godtinent of “Africa”. These private sustainable healing spaces will incorporate community gardens, ecologically designed recording studios, cultural “homeschooling”, foraging of wild edible foods, etc. Our motive is to raise the collective mind/spiritual awareness of the Earth and remind all of the original inlivegenus essence of humanity through various forms of art and our overall Livity. We appreci8 all genuine support, whether it be joining the movement/family, being a supporter of the movement, or any form of love and energy you feel you can share. We are open to all donations/offerings, sponsors, and angel investors to help us in making this vision a reality. Feel free to link us for more information on how to enter a bond with the Empire. We welcome iou to grow with us in heaven on Earth and inify within the spirit of the Highest i. 👁💚$seegoldent

  2. Speaking from experience, there is such a thing as being TOO spiritual. Dont forget u are here to have a HUMAN experience. I see u and the other SeeGold girl and cringe. The matrix is better than space cadet mode any day. Find a balance. Fuck it, just come back to the wilderness of America. Its fucked up here, but you two are going INSANE in Africa.

  3. U and the confused black girl have the same comment abt SeeGold Empire. What strikes me is how unhappy u Both are in Africa. Take your own advice and come home to yourselves.

  4. Im not sure what the message was. Get out of thr the countries, and go where?
    People are leaving the cities, for other countries and continents. What are you suggesting exactly?

  5. Hate to be that guy, but based on what I encounter on the daily, you will go over a lot of heads. I was born there and will die there. Won’t take babylon back.

  6. Thanks. I was wondering if this moving to Africa realistic. I’m American and that would be a culture shock to move to another continent.

  7. Africa is on the come up. It won’t be that farm for long. They are moving toward being major world traders by taking ownership of their own resources. Best example is the Swiss will no longer make chocolate on the backs of Ghanaians because they will make their own.

  8. Well AFRICA AMERICAS are use to being Tricked so yes I will be moving to AFRICA in 2 weeks I think a lot of AFRICA AMERICAS are heading to AFRICA. It beats Sodom and Gormarah.

  9. I understood him .However he needs to also understand some people can move to other countries simply because they like to change and have new experience. It doesn't mean they are loss or unhappy where they are. Bless to this brother thoe.

  10. this guy is a fool he says he left the farm while at the same time depend on what comes from the farms to eat daily , all fruits , meats , rice all came from the farm , this guy is a fool

  11. My brother there is a big difference between fantasy and realty. As much as the subconscious mind can be manifested into reality the outer happenings of the our planet and universe as a whole do affect our subconscious being even if you are aware of the fact or not. We have to start somewhere not with everyone but with those of similar energy and consciousness. A well organized and executed agenda is a great force to go against if you don't have one of your own. You see, the folks that infiltrated our way of life had a well thought out agenda and execute it fully while making necessary adjustments accordingly with time to counter any rebellion from us. The land or earth that you are talking about will soon be inaccessible if we continue to lack a good collective agenda. I understand that there is more to the solution than just going to Africa. There has to be an agenda with such a big move. We as people of color "black and brown" are playing in an arena where everyone else are operates solely according to their agenda while we as stock on useless philosophies that have done nothing for us. Everything has to start somewhere and going back to Africa even if just a visit is a step in the right direction. That shows that we as people are starting to be proactive rather than reactive despite the negative images that is pushed by the media. You cannot flee from oneself and expect someone else to accept you. Understand brother the most valuable resource is not money, diamond, oil, silver, gold or whatever that we are told. This most valuable resource is human resource or human capital. So the more we pull our human capability together we can establish our own agenda and lead the life that we want to live. We will be idiots if we cut the brunch of the tree that we relying on or even the entire tree and expect not to fall along with it. But we can plant seeds while sitting on the brunch of the unwanted tree and when our seeds are mature enough we will be safe in our own tree, eating our own fruit. We can even plant more seeds of our own tree to sustain our way of life whatever way we please. Fingers are very vulnerable separate but they make a power powerful fist that can even knockout an opponent when they come together…This is from a Liberian born African live in the U.S.A. One love my brother.

  12. Only thing I got out of this is stay where u at Don't bring that western lifestyle and habits over here.. and stay away from me lady 😆 🤣 lol naw but fr dats how i feel about the vid

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