September 22, 2023
Why Nobody Wants This Part of Africa

41 thoughts on “Why Nobody Wants This Part of Africa

  1. Alright like this comment if you think I should go and make a claim to Bir Tawil. And leave a comment if you'd like to challenge me with your own claim, I dare you!

  2. The British occupations creates huge problem to countries they once colonized, for example in northBorneo particularly Sabah, the land was then leased by British company from the Sultan of Sulu in Philippines in the 18th century and when the British granted Malaysia independence, they include Sabah as part of Malaysia.

  3. Wait until someone discovers an oil reserve or water reserve there. Also, unlike other content providers that just ham their commercials in someplace, real life lire always using some creative or humorous transition to its sponsor. You have to appreciate that.

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