September 20, 2021

27 thoughts on “Why some African Americans are moving to AFRICA

  1. Guy please visit Africa for real, get that vacation that you deserve so that you can attend a Ceremony & Drumming called a Sabar in Senegal, or Durbur in Ghana…

  2. This video is full of inaccurate stereotypes that only lead to division and unnecessary fear of “ African Americans” recreating what people think happened in Liberia. There are so many beautiful aspects of Africa and I feel most free, safe and secure when in Africa,but, many romanticize about Africa and are quite shocked when they actually live in Africa. There are definite trade offs, one is that Africa is ideal for raising children. Still, you make many assumptions and help to perpetuate stereotypes. First, most of the diaspora Africans aka African Americans that are repatriating are not the flashy type who wear fur coats. It’s mostly people who are very comfortable in their black skin and have a desire to escape a Eurocentric world where we are treated like animals. In fact, I have seen more continental Africans on the plane with me arriving in Africa with Timberlands, cowboy boots, French berets, massive amounts of hair weave and make up on. You also say that one will be shocked to see old people as people live longer when in actuality the average life expectancy is much shorter in many parts of Africa, particularly, for men. Take that from a healthcare professional in both Africa and America. Let’s not add to the division,but, let us also end this romanticism with both America( we know that’s it’s an illusion) as well as Africa. The romanticism doesn’t allow us to truly assess the conditions so that we can address serious issues that all of us Africans( diaspora and continentals) are responsible for changing in our motherland. From poor sanitation, to bribery, to inadequate schools, to government corruption to pollution, to the lack of quality healthcare to the Eurocentric standards of beauty that are pervasive on the continent. Let us do less finger pointing, speculating and criticizing so that we can truly make Africa the best place to live on this planet.

  3. ….. you don’t need a gym with a hyena chasing you up a hill ……. ok, gotta stop drinking sodas and eating mayonnaise before I go …….

  4. Here and there, in the USA, I have met maybe a couple of dozen Africans who have migrated to the USA and find that invariably they are secure in themselves enough to be courteous, well mannered and enjoyable to talk to. Some in the healthcare field, for instance, have been intelligent, enterprising, self improved and have left a memorable experience with me, to the point that I have commented about these experiences to friends and family at that time. The are warm in their interactions whether with whites like me or other races alike. They come to America knowing that there is a white majority here and a history of slavery and still they display a positive attitude. Just a personal observation not scientific research.

  5. Ive been to Africa and the Middle East, i married an Ethiopian, but Now im starting a New Country. The United Republic of Uway west Africa. For those Black Americans people that want a new life.
    Building Hospitals, schools, Technology Science and a chance to use your degrees and be a blessing.

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