September 22, 2023
Why the AJC is reporting the MLK sex allegations

AJC editor Kevin Riley and reporter Ernie Suggs talk about why the AJC did not initially publish an explosive report on Martin …


25 thoughts on “Why the AJC is reporting the MLK sex allegations

  1. Allegations are just that allegations proven from a verifiable historian yea no thank you there's no facts here just more blanket statements with no points of factual reference .

  2. When these tapes come out will the cancel culture people come out? Will his statues come down and his name taken off schools? As human beings we are all flawed.

  3. Im glad to hear the AJC care about facts and truth. They would have never ran with the Russian Collusion story and that Trump stole the election with the help of Putin without any proof. Oh, wait…they did.

  4. He may have stood for some good points but he should not be held up as a saint the way he is today. He collaborated with and worked with numerous communist back organization which of the time he felt were allies in a common cause but today we are seeing the ramifications of leading communism into our society. On top of that, he’s held up as a moral example being a pastor yet there has never been any credible evidence that he was not a serial adulterer.

  5. MLK's advisor and personal secretary Byard Rustin.
    B. Rustin – nose man – joined "Young Communist League" in 1936 at New York Community College.
    Went to prison for draft dodging for 2 years in 1944.
    Went for 60 days to prison for "Lawd Vagrancy and Homosexual Perversion".
    B. Rustin and MLK founded the SCLC – Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
    Vice President was Fred Shuttlesworth (Black Freemason), he also was vice President of Communist front called: Southern Educational Fund.
    SEF's field director was: Carl Braden (nose man). Mr. Braden was a national sponsor for the"Fair Play For Cuba Committee".
    Director of the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee" was no other than Lee Harvey Oswald – )ewish -.
    Program director for the SCLC was Reverend Andrew Young – Black Freemason – later Jimmy Carter's – )ew – Ambassador to the U.N. and mayor of Atlanta.
    MLK was a Communist who frequently went to a Masonic lodge.
    Lodges gave him and the other black individuals directives, Andrew Young and Fred Shuttlesworth received them through their commanders at their respective lodges.
    Book references:
    The Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling.///Behind Communism by Frank L Britton.////The Rulers Of Russia by Denis Fahey.///The Octopus by Elizabeth Dilling.
    The Occult War by Emanuel Malynski.///

  6. Gotta love the word play we are journalists not historians. The man crys the old racism and we cannot trust the FBI because we black. The speaker also poo poo's MLK was funded by communists. Bottom line how about the women who were alledgedly raped and assaulted. Thats not a big deal. King did good things and we shouldn't forget that but we shouldn't sweep the bad things under the rug because it clouds our fanboy like dreams of who MLK was. AJC did not practice journalism they practiced the easy way out.

  7. yes it would be interesting in 2027 to hear exactly what is audio tape.

    I have no doubt that it will be mostly what is already on the transcripts.

    even abernathy wrote in his book a year before he died–that this was rapid and widespread of his (MLK) adulterous affairs.

    but not; in our schools we try to teach children that he was "walking" on water.

    an ordained baptist married in a baptist church. he was accountable to the church and to god.

    then to his wife and family. so even if coretta "approved" of this on the road conducted and affairs

    ms king reportedly received copies of the audiotapes in the mail in the early 60s.

    in her autobiography she said it was a bunch of in her words "mumbo jumbo".

    if so? why not give that over to an histrian and let them listen to "that" mumbo-jumbo of her claim.

    the bottom line is he (m lk) pointed a finger at others how wrong and improper they were while his "zipper" was down what's the time.

    and no that is not just "being" human.

    at least "great" and esteemed reverend jesse jackson, admitted to a–child via an adulterous affair in 1999.

    yes, another urban "reverend" at work.

    then got caught paying her off with funds from his charity of the rainbow push organization.

    mr. jackson was all set to give her another $40,000 when the press found out about it and ran the story.

    so like that point this thing called "a" conscious kicked in and mr. jackson and he started paying for his mistress and child from his personal funds.

    of course-the white "man" racism and discrimination is responsible "for" this also

  8. Ahh. Lol.
    MLK gets accused of sexual assault dealings=cover it up; make your own judgements when the truth comes out
    Trump gets caught on tape saying "grab them by the pu**y"= lock him up, no trial.

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