September 19, 2021

26 thoughts on “Why The Land For Our Sustainable Community In Ghana Is Holy Ground

  1. This is so absolutely beautiful and amazing! I also live in Ghana! Thank you for being responsible with such a beautiful gift! Certainly, The Creator and our ancestors have CHOSEN YOU!!! Jah bless all that you do!!! 🙌🏾👑🇬🇭

  2. When in America I never was interested in owning land . When I visited Africa I understood why .The energy and spirit has to be right . I don’t regret that decision at all …

  3. I am speechless of the beautiful landscape of migrating culture crossing community. I look forward to joining the peaceful living in the community ☺️. Do you know you can get digging equipment from the government land, construction and development ministry to speed up the building project 👍💯👏🌟🤴 you are a blessing to future African leaders. Well done to MCC family in Ghana.

  4. I appreciate your perspective on a "healthy balance"…integrating into the earth without destroying it, is what our ancestors understood. I'm knew to your channel and this is such a blessing to see you taking this step of Faith! Thank you!

  5. I only recently learned that Ghana was the closest land mass to the center of the earth. Now that I know that coordinates run through the property it just reinforces my decision to join your development. I am not sure how or why you tube’s algorithm led me to your channel more than a year ago; maybe it was divine intervention. In any event I am thankful it did. Thanks again for the updates. Peace & Blessings to you and Brandon.

  6. Yes brother you are home. Even though i went through some difficulties you took as strength. We love you and the community that you abd your team are initiating. Some brothers and sisters leave when they encounter some challenges. Yes truly you are at home.

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