September 18, 2021

22 thoughts on “Why They Are Moving To Liberia | PAN AFRICAN LIFESTYLE

  1. That young man is soooo right, just like one of my cousin's wife said; "you can be a law abiding citizen all your life in the USA, as a black person, and the next day in jail or dead over something small".

  2. Salute to both Sierra Leone🇸🇱 and Liberia🇱🇷…I am planning to visit Sierra Leone and Liberia in 2023.
    Most likely I will be relocating to Sierra Leone because they allow "Dual Citizenship" (I am keeping my citizenship in the United States of America for business) I am also seeking Citizenship in Kenya🇰🇪 in the future as well.

  3. I read lots of the comments people keep saying am going back to start building. I have already started a year ago I’m loving it I have completed serval building project. don’t wait time wait for no one ☝️ just do it.

  4. Thank u ladies for this wonderful video. In deed everyone needs to know that they have a country of origin. Who is going to make the country (Liberia)better? We are the one who God have brought in developed countries to see what it means to live in a developed country. For us to exhibit the lifestyle of where we are. When we go into the Bible even the children of Israel when they were in exile, they didn’t forget about Jerusalem. Liberians, please don’t forget about your country of origin.

  5. I hope & pray 🙏 they come back without self hate that some of them have & they don't want accept it because am talking about my experience with African American in abroad they should come with opening minds set and will will welcome them because in the USA Africans & African American is like no go area this is the truth

  6. I am going back home to help develop my country, Liberia 🇱🇷 is all we got, I have told my son so much stories, about where I’m from he can’t wait to see the where his parents are from.

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