September 21, 2021

28 thoughts on “Why We Moved Back To The States…

  1. It’s technically U.S territory, it’s not the US. Although Puerto Rican’s are Americans by birth. I lived and travelled to Puerto Rico for over 10 years. The experience is NOT like living in the States…..although they do have Walmart and Sam’s club.

  2. I want to move there.I'm trying to think what i can do for work…. I'm a cna now but it's hard finding work online bc i guess most jobs are not online….let me know how it was finding work n extra.

  3. Go to Nicaragua. You get pretty much the same as PR & CR and much more. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. That means we have the biggest lakes and islands along with the biggest volcanoes and Cathedral churches. Lots of beaches and English-speaking nicaraguans on the Caribbean coast and a lively calypso/reggae movement where Afro-Caribbean culture is thriving!!. 10% or more of Nicaragua is black (USA is about 13%) Top destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling found in Corn Islands. Worldwide famous naturalist painting movement found in Solentiname Islands. Activa lava lake in Volcan Masaya, a rarity worldwide. Colonial cities like León and Granada with lots of history. Nicaragua has been a top destination since California's gold rush in the 1850s. We have an established off-the-beaten-path for foreigners and Travellers alike. Remember, this is where the original Canal was supposed to be not in Panama. Bosawas is the largest rainforest outside the Amazons in the Americas. Nicaraguan laws make it so much easier to start a business and for expats and foreigners to have a job here. CR makes it nearly impossible for foreigners to work. Plus, nicaraguans love travelers and foreigners unlike many Costa Ricans. The difference between us and CR is we have similar standard of living for much, much cheaper. For $1,500 a month you live like a king! Message me or add me on IG @casagardenia22 for more information…

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom Donna. Prayers for her healing. I'm thinking about Panama, but not until I retire. I can get back to the states quickly if I need to. I've been to Puerto Rico, old San Juan. Beautiful place in the U.S.

  5. I was stationed in PR and let me tell you they know that you are from the states and they hate the hell out of Americans. fuck what these people are talking about Puerto Rico hate the US but want the US to take care of them go ahead move to PR may god himself be with you cause you going to need him.

  6. Hopefully the Puerto Ricans will vote 4th time to not be become the 51st state of the United States. They voted no the last three times they were invited. Hopefully they will a fourth time. It's best if they don't get mixed up with all the bullshit of the US.

  7. You will never fully enjoy your existence in this life worrying about where you left from. If a love one is sick or dies it will have nothing to do with you unless you are responsible for the funeral arrangements other than that be there and hold their hand if you want to be there the second that they expire. I wish I would be in a beautiful tropical paradise with the love of my life worrying about sick , dieing or dead people ! You might as well stayed at home.

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