September 16, 2021

27 thoughts on “Why we Moved from America to Africa (village)

  1. 10:27 As the only person in my household that speaks a foreign language, I have to say that it was not hard to teach my son my native language. I made a decision to speak to him solely in that language and now at 5 years he’s totally fluent (and sometimes interprets for his father lol). From the belly I spoke to him in my native language and never stopped. Didn’t matter who was around because I made a commitment and it worked.

  2. You guys are not only BOLD but you will be leaving your kids invaluable childhood experiences that they will never ever forget. You guys have done what so many of us would love to do but could never follow through. Yall are amazing 👏 👏🙌

  3. Since lock down – covid …one couple I know gave up their business ( which was suffering due to covid) and they moved to Costa Rica. Another couple i know moved too . I wish you much success and peace in Africa.

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