September 20, 2021

33 thoughts on “Why we moved to Africa (during a pandemic)

  1. You ain’t lying it’s silly we’re paying to live on our own planet. I want a different experience living outside America other than Asian countries I traveled to or lived in. I also notice the propaganda America politicians and city governors are pushing. It’s time to leave!

  2. I have discovered this channel in July 2021. The truth about civic was hidden by Magufuli for reasons of his own. We know this now, but it had to take his untimely death for the truth to emerge. Denial helps nobody. Ask Florida!

  3. I would love to be there, my wife of 23 years 8 month of marriage is afraid for some reason. Please pray for my wife Imma , I know that the Most High YHWH has put us together. But we must be on one Accord. I have a feeling of being trapped. And for me I am experiencing a great depressing spirit and there's nothing I can do about it. We have our passports and I want to use them. I guess I have to put my wife in YAH's hands, I am so ready to leave America and go home to where we come from.
    P.S much love my beloved family.

  4. African Americans are the children of our ancestors that are about to change history, by the coming of mass EXODUS MOVEMENT of jah people back to Africa to reclaim the powerful throne of the world.

  5. Thank you for the information Sis. Could you please share more about how you found your present space? What process did you use to find such an amazing space to rent so affordably? I am looking to return to Africa as soon as I can sell all of my unnecessary belongings & figure out exactly how much $$$ I will have to spend/spare. I am looking to move my consulting/wellness business there. Thank you

  6. I am thankful for your videos 💌
    Everything you are saying is spot on
    I want to be in nature and not feel like a slave trying to live. Living not surviving.
    Love and peace to us all 🌹
    I will be in mama africa 💌🖖🏽🔆

  7. black america pls listen to me come live africa. choose any contry & just live simple life.nobody hate you here but you must adjust and dont behave like you know everthing & want to show african how to do things. we know. no rasism not police shooting inocent. Africa rich oh! many poeple dont know. if you

  8. You are so right , no one had on mask and you didn't need a cov19 test. But, now you have one now and that is sad. When I was there last October, there weren't anyone sick. It was something unbelieveable to be in an environment of unity and calmness.

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