September 22, 2023

In recent months, the popular China-based platform has come under scrutiny for its privacy policies and security concerns. While these issues are important and should be addressed, there is another reason why white supremacists will ban . The real reason is to maintain Control over the world.

Note: The white supremacists I am referring to here are not the white supremacists that the real white supremacists want us to see. The real white supremacists are not the self-righteous hypocritical conservative politicians, the gun loving militia groups, or the billionaires who believe that flying to space on their own dime gives them social power.

The real white supremacists are the idealogues who believe that this world was uncivilized before they came along and gave order to it through religion and science.
Even though they may fight among themselves at times, they know that their mission is to maintain control over and exploit lesser organized races in order to sustain their own race. If you know who controls then you will know where to find them.

Information is Better known as Intelligence

TikTok is a powerful tool for information gathering. With over 800 million active users, the app collects vast amounts of data on its users, including their location, search history, and preferences. This data can be used to target users with ads, but it can also be used by governments and intelligence agencies for surveillance, tracking, and social manipulation.

White supremacists are well aware of the power of information gathering and they have been quick to take advantage of all through government regulations. They are already in full control of all the popular companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and , which they use to track and spy on people all over the world. They also know everything that goes on through Server filtering and if and when threats are recognized they will send in disrupters.

Information in all its various forms is the most valuable asset to governments, whose primary job is to sustain populations of people. Information alleviates fear but even better, information provides security. Any country or people who do not value the gathering and keeping of information is doomed to live a 3rd world existence, never able to control their own destiny.


White supremacists are so confident in their ultimate goal of controlling TikTok that they are actually playing with all their cards face up. They don’t really want to shut down TikTok, they want to control it. Therefore, their gameplan is to use the threat of a United States ban to force TikTok’s owners in China to break the company up by selling its US operations to an American company.

Phase one of the plan is to accuse TikTok of being run by the Chinese government. While this accusation is not 100% false, it is mostly meant to scare people. China is a Communist country in which people are free to run businesses; however, all businesses there are highly regulated. The Chinese government can step in at any time and take control.

If you live in a country like America where Freedom and Free Enterprise are terms that are preached on a daily basis you would probably believe that you are free to do whatever you want. In reality there are tons of regulations involved in running a business in America. You need permits and strict Accounting for Tax purposes. If your business involves communication, you will need a license from the FCC.

In fact, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been trying their best to control activities on the Internet for decades now. So, while the government won’t necessarily step in and seize your business, they know exactly what is going on inside it. In this model the government is not the ones citizens need to be aware of though.

People need to be aware of other businesses using their personal information to make money, directly and indirectly. If you’ve ever chatted with a friend on Facebook about going to the Basketball game and suddenly all the Ads are about where to buy tickets or merchandise then you’ll know what I mean.

Phase two of the plan is to get politicians to step in and preach that they are working on behalf of the people to keep people’s personal information safe and out of the hands of foreign governments. Politicians are debating and holding information sessions in parliament now and soon the government will pass a bill, which will force TikTok to sell part of their operation to an American or get completely banned.

In conclusion, the push to ban TikTok is just about Information Control and since we already know the goal of white supremacists, we know that they will not continue to allow TikTok to operate in their territory. Also, the Chinese government will never allow TikTok to be sold to Americans. That is why we know that TikTok will be eventually banned in America and other 5-Eyes territories.

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