September 22, 2021

30 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD NOT Move to “Africa”

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  2. What she needed to do was sit n think before she spoke… I really don't get what she wanted to say she sounded like she doesn't have a clue of what the hell she's talking about. That's her opinion and she shouldn't tell anyone not to move there she should have done more research in order to have the appropriate mindset to blend in and accept the lifestyle. That's just my opinion. Talking bout Africa is a burning ship … she done lost her damn mind !! Africa is rising and is the new world… Just watch !!

  3. Africa is a burning ship. You will crash and burn!

    5 minutes later: You are returning home to the highest version of yourself.

    Thanks for this useless video🙄

  4. This video right here iIs the first I have seen like it. Your honesty about who we are as a people & what worldly people expect from the continent is so very appreciated. I will still do all i can to visit the continent but i will do so, with your words in mind.. Yes I am Thank you Sis.

  5. I dont care if the ship is burning. Let my bones turn to ash and float with my ancestors. Talking to us like we have the white man's curse in our hearts. I will go for the peace of my soul, for my daughter to see heroes that look like her. There is nothing romantic about a place filled with human error. I seek vibrations, not cash nor individuality. My people will grow.

  6. Everyone elevator doesn't reach the top an that's ok!!! Everybody aren't leaders ,but watch who u follow, If you don't understand , you just won't , it saddens me to see so many thumbs down but it all so tells me what I need to know…🙏🏾🙏🏾ma'am u did a remarkable job!! We're listening!!

  7. Damn y’all really don’t get what she is saying.? This satanic state and system is over the whole globe. People are waxing worse and worse. Africa is no exception …. so don’t come there with a capitalistic mindset looking to get rich as getting rich leads to suffering eventually because there is no end to getting rich. The daughter of Babylon is not just a place’, but a system of wickedness. If you think you can leave the headquarters of the daughter of Babylon aka America and not check yourself you are delusional, as we are all carrying a lot of babylonian baggage. Africa is a sinking ship aka its system. Corrupt leaders etc, but you can change it by changing yourself. Care about your fellow man, love yourself and people more than things… love the creator, I see so many people running there because it’s cheaper.. because their money stretches further, but what happens when the funds get low? Do you start compromising morally? Do you simply become what you ran from.? Or are you looking for simplicity long life and health as wealth?

    Go black2africa understands it. He stated the daughter of Babylon made him a killer. He had to change all of that and heal.

    He’s getting more spiritual and loving life, don’t return because you running from this system. Return because you feel you need to deep inside regardless of issues you face here…..

    I’ll be in Tanzania soon.

  8. just because one dont succeed in a country dont mean everyone else will ive lived in a few countries, euro, asian, and america, and been to africa and love it and many black americans can thrive and make a change, seems like youve given up hope, but dont influence others to have that like mind

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