September 22, 2023
Why you should say Black Lives Matter

49 thoughts on “Why you should say Black Lives Matter

  1. Queer


    DescriptionQueer is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities who are not heterosexual or are not cisgender. Originally meaning "strange" or "peculiar", queer came to be used pejoratively against those with same-sex desires or relationships in the late 19th century. Wikipedia

  2. You guys shouldn't generally say white people like it's the whole community I think that's what makes them not want to say anything because every joke or insult is ok when it's a white person involved one so we should just start saying the racist instead of white people because if I'm being honest some Spanish people don't like blacks either especially if they know for sure they non Spanish black I know since I'm a latina and most of the population where I'm at is mostly mix of Spanish races it seems to me so I think saying racist would be best

  3. Please tell me how as a white man I can support black lives. I feel like a coward because I would never want people to think that I was just trying to soothe my white guilt. Do I help anonymously so I took myself out in the public and just see what happens? Please believe me when I say how all this hurts me and I would do anything to help. I'm also 60 and have cancer so there's not a lot I can do but I will do anything I can just someone reach out to me and let me know.

  4. the blm movement is corrupt. not the people supporting it but the movement itself. it is not a natural movement like the one led by mlk jr. the blm movement was founded by government shills and all the money donated to blm goes directly to democrat politicians and candidates. these democrats do not actually care about helping black people or ending police brutality. just like the republicans, for decades they have created the system of mass incarceration, supporter the private prison system, made way for the growing police state and worsened the lives of black people. these people are literal war criminals for the things they have done around the world; they do not care about any of the people in the country other than themselves. they profit off of these issues being in existence, why would they make them go away?

  5. ALM – All Lives Matter for Jesus Christ. Everyone is a victim of pre-existing sin. For God all lives are equal. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth for one purpose only – to die on the Cross for remissions of pre-existing sins of every single person and resurrect.  Jesus Christ providing forgiveness of pre-existing sins, salvation from eternity in hell, and free entry to eternity in heaven for all who repent of sins in Jesus Christ.
    Otherside of death is eternity. Eternity in hell. Or eternity in heaven through Jesus Christ. Penalty of pre-existing sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept Jesus Christ, be saved from pre-existing sin and eternal hell for free.






    WHO AM I?

  7. Nope not propagating racism or equally over one for another. In this day and age nobody cares who or what you want to be or do.There is absolutely no excuse not to educate yourself, everyone has that access and nobody is excluded. If you didn't that's your fault so don't point fingers at anyone else except yourself because nobody help you fail you did it to yourself . Every generation feels like they need there own 1960. SERIOUSLY.
    All the explanations and justification does not change the fact that when you support or justify any slogan that promotes one over another IS RACIST and I will not support propaganda like Black Lives Matter.. NO absolutely not. Everyone matters not just a particular groups or whatever it is that is So Desperately trying to Justify. Right there should warn you anytime you have to justify or go into this insane process of convincing then that should tell you something and warning sighns should be going off.. That is why Everyone should matter and not some twisted propaganda slogan. YOUR CHOICE BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT .

  8. Im tired as a gay man born i 82 because od ki-dar bitch utikizing racism in silencing me! OAHUS POSTER CHILD MADE LIKAS OF CIA AND FBI AND NDA NO! I AM JUST A HAOLE PINYO NERD!

  9. I know the blk community is not on my side, butttttt its the same, in the sense wgere the authoritariabs add on to, whatevers! CP (CONTROL FACTOR)

  10. Its not exactTy the same, i understand that! But the autoritarians control the outcome, in 2012/11 i sed that they claim li-dar pics IS MEMORY,
    i say i am nothing more than a blank canvas, they, the fbi/nsa/cia are the ones with the paintbrush! I filipino from HAWAII

  11. I would never say black lives matter because they don't to me.
    When blacks accept that white lives matter I would accept that their lives matter.
    What they are taking is a pure racism.

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