May 25, 2022

21 thoughts on “Why Your African DNA Might Just Save Your Life

  1. The Melanians and the Perfect-albinos

    Nature is beautiful and creative, everything exist from original to inferior.
    Human is part of nature's hard work of arts and its original make is determined by the melanin which is a dark pigment in the original DNA that protects the whole human body in a hash weather condition: with the presence of this pigment the skin does not necessarily turn dark but brown tho never becomes yellow, pinky or milky.
    when melanin is not present in human fetus, it affects its growth, then the skin colour becomes yellow, milky or pink with wrinkles and many dark, brown or pinkish spots sometimes on the skin, and also hair becomes blond, grey or coffee: humans of such are called the Albinos, they are scared of the sun because of its light-rays to their defect eyes and the burns on their skin, but only few can withstand the sun and these are the Perfect-albinos who are mistakenly called whitemen ' there is no white skin '
    The melanians are dark, brown and fair in complexion with black hair and their melanin stores the sun's energy to strengthen the body cells through blood circulation and this process is called melancircus.
    Natural food is medicine for people with melanin and the melanin is enriched with natural nutrients from the natural food from the natural soil. Natural food prolongs life and enhances good health as it was designed by nature to sustain humans and herbivores.
    Black and white is not a human colour but a deceptive complexion to cause racism and separatism, because Albinos and Perfect-albinos come from the melanians and did not want to accept the deformity or the inferiority complex, instead hatred made them hid themselves for years and reappeared to the melanians as well evolved humans to fight and dominate the earth, and till this date the fight never rested.
    This is why the Perfect-albinos call the Melanians black to represent darkness and call themselves white to represent light to cast away the darkness from the earth; the leaders of this decision tho fallen away, have passed on the knowledge of hatred to their race and is destroying the peace in the world. Nature is loving and that is what is found in the heart of the Melanians and so the Perfect-albinos consider that loving heart of the Melanians as their weakness to destroy them in pretence. Black should not see themselves as hidden in darkness but rise to correct the knowledge of racism.

    #Robert K. Hammond

  2. The almighty name is written in our DNA . Say as they like Scientist knows nothing about this . They see our blood circulating through our body and give it their scientific name but the truth is ……they do not know what it is . The almighty is in the mids of everything and try as they like they they will never be able to put back breadth in our nostril when it leaves our body .

  3. I was told growing up that my parents are both Indigenous and latino American(Puerto Rican)I've seen pictures of my grandparents I did the ancestry dna 5 months ago and found out my markers hit 7 different continents in Africa totaling 36 percent my test revealed I was more African then Latino Indigenous and that I was 6 percent Scotland. We are not what we are on the surface I was told that if your skin takes sun without burning we are Mother Africas children

  4. Hmmmmmm in theory sounds good..Yes we are different under the skin from other races as we have 9 strands of DNA others 6 or less. This is why western drugs target other races not ours. We need to therefore get away from use of drugs & chemicals & return to the old ways of using herbs as medicine & let medicine be our food.. then we will have a superior health recovery rate over all other races, chemical drugs work for them as they are artificial .
    We on the other hand are the natural inhabitants of the earth & only nature can cure us..
    Gathering all this DNA information about Us held in 1 place can be dangerous to our survival in the wrong hands of those plotting our demise..
    Return to nature Nubian Man & Woman & nature will take care of you. Why? Because we are nature…..

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