December 1, 2021

22 thoughts on “Will Biden ship Haitian Immigrants to Guantanamo Bay?

  1. The American government wants to take over Haiti. Earthquake =HARP.
    Why does earth quake always hit Haiti not the Dominican Republic same Island. Allot of resources in Haiti ask the Clintons.

  2. Why are Black people surprised that BLACK HAITIANS are being mistreated?? Black AMERICANS are mistreated and is still fighting for VOTER RIGHTS. ARE BLACK PEOPLE WOK OR JUST SLOW??

  3. I bet this woman was crying about babies being snatch out of the Hispanics arms while Trump got 32% of Hispanics votes and 16% black votes. The blacks care more about the Hispanics than the Hispanics care about Hispanics. I bet her baby was snatched out of her arms when she was arrested for getting lying to the public.

  4. This lady is crazy. I bet my life on it that this butt voted for Joe Biden and knew he was a racist. But did not vote for the president Trump who was pardoning blacks and giving them what ever he could. Boyce Watkins could not find one good word to say about Trump. All of you jump off a Cliff.

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