September 22, 2023
Will France repatriate its collection of 19th century Algerian skulls?

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Today we report on a little-known chapter of the French conquest of : the Algerian fighters shot and beheaded in the mid-19th century for resisting French . More than 150 years after their deaths, the skulls of these resistance fighters still sit in the vaults of the French National Museum of Natural in Paris. How did they get there? Will they ever be repatriated to the land they fought and died for? Our team went to find out more.
A programme prepared by Josh Vardey and Aline Schmidt.

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50 thoughts on “Will France repatriate its collection of 19th century Algerian skulls?

  1. France is using science to justify their crimes, what kind of science needs thousands of skulls and why there is no french skulls in this scientific BS? as usual french hypocrisy.

  2. Return them their skulls
    Show to the world that you are a good people
    Otherwise you are one of the worst nation
    In the world

    Time is changing you must remove all those bones from the museum of france 🇫🇷
    Right now Macron

  3. Disgusting ethics and double standards. White supremacists that believe in some twisted notion of secularism and freedom whilst oppressing others. What a nasty country.

  4. It's not even a question of science or politics or even museum rights – human remains are sacred, and they should be returned to their descendants or otherwise disposed of in accordance with the beliefs of their own culture.

  5. its 2020 did they sent back the sculls of the Algerian heroes to Algeria ? did the stop stealing Africa? did they even try to say sorry to the nations that suffered because of their imperialist "terrorism" method ? by the way for those who doesn't know these hypocrites in 2020 they supported a lord war called Haftar in Libya against the Libyan formal government !! why did this ? Libya is a reach country and if they succeeded to capture Libya they would set up this lord war to be the president of there and then Libya become like new version of MALI( a country that ruled by puppet.. Thanx God they couldn't do it there.

  6. Humans are "collection's". Resistance is called rebels. Be careful with your words. The only ebil we see is what france did, by beheading humans and displaying them like animels and writting on their skulls.

  7. Pays des droits de l'homme heh
    We see clearly the French values in the Algerian skulls in their museum…
    You'll pay one day no worries

  8. And the French Senate shamelessly passes Armenian genocide law when France committed holocaust in Algeria for more than a century….France killed 1million and half Algerians only during the last 7 years of the war for independence….and these skulls date from before. For 132 years, France killed and massacred Algerians; tortured civilians including children, raped women, bombarded whole villages, plundered the land to give it to european settlers !!! They even forbade people to learn to read & write their own language and imposed French on them…and they still had the nerve to call Algerians who fought for freedom and to liberate their land 'terrorists' …unscrupulous !!! Now they still support in power the dictatorial criminal regime in Algeria in order to plunder its

  9. I love how they're acting like this is normal. If it was the other way around and Algerians had their heads it would have been an uproar. No wonder they're one of the unsafest countries in the world, karma is real.

  10. Müslümanlar bir gün her şeyi anlayacak. Her şey o gün başlayacak. Türkiye Pakistan Azerbaycan Malezya Endonezya Mısır Libya Cezayir Bosna Hersek… Birgün İNŞALLAH

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