September 22, 2023
Will Smith Talks Black Lives Matter  |  ET Canada LIVE

47 thoughts on “Will Smith Talks Black Lives Matter | ET Canada LIVE

  1. Guess he is not that bright if he is supporting a marxist organization that would literally take everything he worked so hard for and then make him work for rations and a home that fulfill a persons basic needs

  2. What's their excuse out there in the streets agitating people and saying they're peaceful protesters did it ever dawn on them that this is the age of technology and if they truly want to be peaceful protestors they can do it online? but noooo they want to cause drama amongst the looters and rioters and risk getting hurt or hurting others yea real smart peaceful protesting tactic. common sense is dead to these people or they're just playing dumb 🙄 we know the truth they're just trying to put all those radical nuts in power. it's not about racism at all, otherwise they would be agreeing with me. I asked all these questions to a lot of BLM supporters on twitter by wasting my time but many of them couldn't answer back without sounding like a Marxist so its clearly a political stunt that fuels discrimination its really not about the police because they're clearly better ways to protest if they want to reform the police but no the exciting drama and the twisted info from the media is what drives them to do it it's not about reforming the system or the police it's all about them the Left the radical Left that wants POTUS Trump out of office if it takes pulling down statues and destroying property and businesses and rioting if it antagonizes people to do that then more power to them they say; and even the media ignores it because they don't want it to stop, same with the celebs and sports stars with their stupid misleading antics make me not want to watch movies with those in the kind like when I stopped watching wrestling as a kid because when I figured out it was fake. sports teams blackballing a game totally unfair to the other teams they were supposed to play against because and its really not saying anything but well when it comes down to it there mad Hillary didn't win, there are smarter ways to protest peacefully and fairly but they're not doing because they would rather put political correctness before anything else regardless, shows how organizations can be really pathetic and will they learn a lesson about all this probably not because they chose to play dumb about what's really going on with all the rioting and destruction because they love it. otherwise, they wouldn't be there in the streets and or blackballing from playing games or kneeling during the National Anthem, they know it agitates people to do destructive things and they wonder why people get shot.
    There are more non-racists then there are racists
    there's always going to be racism you can't stop it all of it.
    Why doesn't BLM have a cop rally for reform if they want to reform?
    BLM protestors and the radical Left seem oxymoronic then they do rhetoric. so what's really their message? vote democrat? Ever wonder where BLM Donations actually go? Even though The Internal Revenue Service stipulates that 501(c)(3) organizations are “absolutely prohibited” from making contributions to political campaigns… guess where it's going to! That's right, "ActBlue"….❄️😡 Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Inc. fails to comment."
    a little over a thousand people were killed by cops and only 24% of them were black Americans yet the fake war on racism continues
    black people were shot by a cop then white people, the problem with the black
    community is 70% of them were raised fatherless compared to the 30% of
    white people which would most likely cause the influence in lack of
    education do to the lack of stability from not having both parents in their lives.
    I can never apologize for being white and I won't, and I am not racist I don't have a problem with someone because of the color of their skin
    I was born after 1776 and if 1866 would have never happened I probably
    wouldn't be here.

    Quoted by an intelligent black Author of Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake War; had this to say " Black Lives Matter is an oxymoronic and disingenuous organization" ~Allen West

    if that doesn't move you here's another good read

    don't believe distorted and bios commentaries from the Left why do you think some of the BLM youtube vids have comments turned off? free your mind and watch this trailer ~~~>

    defund the police means defund black officers and the new green deal means thousands of black men losing their jobs. I'm done here
    if you give a goose Adderall then all it will do is swim in circles, do your own research it and take it or leave it go find the real news it is what it is
    too bad everyone that #walkaway from the Dems couldn't sue the libelous media they were so maliciously pushed to believe…
    Stevie Wonder slammed BLM in 2017 this isn't a pro #BLM speech by him by all means

  3. My opinion only…… Since I suppose the end of slavery I think all Americans have made unmeasurable steps to civil/respectful/polite etc. amounst each of all nationalities of the U.S.A. Cause you don't become the leading nation of the world WITHOUT TEAM WORK ☺️ I think 6 decades the black people have worked hard and achieved more then anyone other nationites. Sure there is always more work to do….but recently I think there taking steps backwards

  4. To all these black celebrity's that have been filthy rich and famous since ML King and I suppose you have earned every single penny . Instead of blaming the government or the white man for the so called in justice of a some .Will you made right decisions and worked hard .So direct you energy/time and million to teach and show others how's it done YOU TO BIG MOUTH L JAMES ……So all celebrates. TALK IS CHEAP Be a real role model Be positive

  5. WILL SMITH? You just degraded yourself by propping up BLM – A Socialist Democrat supported anarchist HATE RACIST (White privilege? Really?) group backed by the warped minds of riotous ANTIFA with no real agenda other than to perpetuate the ELITIST'S BIDDING, to dismantle the entirety of A SOVEREIGN FREE AMERICA into tyrannical globalized socialist run govt. BLM? ANTIFA? The Democrats indoctrinated left wing Riotous Puppeted Pawns. You want POLICE REFORM? Then ask for it. Don't become the very evil you're fighting against. Think about it. In EVERY WALK OF LIFE, you have evil, even racist blacks against whites, rogue cops, rogue politicians, bad doctors, attorney's, etc,. If you think you can destroy evil with evil, you're merely feeding the frenzy.

    ALL LIVES MATTER – and if you don't like it? You have no good in you, because the truth is, the color of skin has nothing to do with it, but the goodness or evil within your own individual self. WILL SMITH? Saving yourself by The word of God through the Gospels of the Messiah, said it first.
    Give credit where credit is due. btw, Anyone that actually believes Donald J. Trump is a Racist, you've been indoctrinated. STOP WATCHING Rachel MADDOW, CNN, Morning Joe, and believing in FALSE FACT CHECK SITES, owned by NEW WORLD ORDER CORPORATE ELITE.

  6. Will…….Guessing you should have never done this video at all. How do you define "Contention"? Make your statements easily understood. Stop trying to be some "scholar"! And who are the defiled and degraded minds? Define "systems"? For the majority of this country, I don't believe that we are "loveless" or "godless". You say we should not elect these types of people. I will say, who is the judge and jury on who is "loveless" or "godless"? Here is what I revere……Matthew 7:1-3

    King James Version

    7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

  7. BLM is based on a lie. First of all, BLM has killed more ⚫ people this year so far than supposedly "racist" cops did all year last year. Then there is no data that shows ⚫ people suffer at the hands of cops. On average, shite with a W people are killed in significantly higher numbers by cops than anyone else so where are the shite with a W lives matter protests? Nowhere to be found! Why? Because that doesn't fit the narrative. 95% of ⚫ people killed by cops are justified uses of force because the criminal brought it onto themselves. Ahmaud arbery (wasn't killed by cops but his death was still controversial) broke into someone's house and was trying to rob the place and got killed when he got into a fist fight with the owner, Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend opened fire on police officers and shot one of them, Michael Brown assualted a cop and tried to steal his firearm, Stephon Clark burglarized vehicles and tried to break into someone's house before pulling out a phone that looked like a gun, Philando Castile was in illegal possession of Marijuana and illegal possession of a firearm, Alton Sterling was a pedophile who was in illegal possession of a firearm and was selling pirated videos, Eric Garner was arrested over 40 times and was selling illegal cigarettes before his final showdown with police, George Floyd was high on two illegal narcotics, tried to buy cigarettes with fake money then resisted arrest for 10 minutes. The list goes on for days but I don't want to post all of them.

  8. ppl who work with Will Smith say its the money. he going do Django Unchained but he did not wont to share the spot light thinking Dr. Schultz was the main role not Django. happy he pass it up i love that movie but not his work the past few years

  9. 2010: Dave Chappelle admits he loves watermelon & fried chicken. People laughed.

    2020: Shannon Sharp is offended by watermelon & fried chicken. People are shocked and appalled.

    America 10-20 years ago fought and got over racism by learning to laugh about it. Now, this new "woke" culture is undoing all of that by this victim mentality.

  10. Question: When I was a highschool and college student, I noticed black kids with foreign accents are near the top of the class while black kids with ebonics end up near the bottom of the class. Is it systemic racism or cultural mindset?

  11. No Will Smith.
    The problem isn't with the phrase "Black Lives Matter".
    The problem is how it is presented.
    Blacks demand respect rather than by earning it through merit.
    Do rather than shout.

  12. Will Smith has that weird energy comin off people who have been too famous for too long like Tom Cruise or Madonna. They don't get any of the critical feedback people need to keep in check with reality. They hear "You're so right" when they need to hear "TF did you just say?"until they end up with an inflated opinion of themselves and their ideas. I see someone speaking who believes what they are saying is profound but in really is just kinda mumbling a bunch of sound bytes into something that's mostly incoherent as whole.


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