September 21, 2023
Wireless Torture Device Control Factor Guns Mental Illness COINTELPRO

“Interesting Information” I received this comment on a popular video of mine called “ Against American Citizens Living in America” and it’s about so it attracts people who are interested in government abuses of power. See “ Against American Citizens Living in America” and “What the did to American citizens is beyond what most people realize today.”

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth
Example of WirelessTortureDevi video:
The movie :


22 thoughts on “Wireless Torture Device Control Factor Guns Mental Illness COINTELPRO

  1. wow, Racak was staged. of course.. so 12 year old girls were terrorists yes? So there was a shoot off between KLA and the Serb security forces and after the fight the Albanians went and mutilated the bodies of their own relatives so as to make it look like a terror policy perpetrated by the Serb paramilitaries yes? Racak was special because the authorities couldn't hide it, like they did with the other massacres, and thus the desperate claims about "staging". Again, stop quoting Serb propaganda

  2. Afterwards, when it became crystal clear that it was impossible to just play th e international media with the usual "sleight of hand", Serb paramilitaries broke in the midst of ceremonial gatherings and confiscated the bodies, to "study them". Claims of "Albanians mutilating the corpses" came after the "expert study" done in Belgrade. Three of the bodies never returned.

  3. yes, Racak wasn't a stage of any sorts. I cannot guarantee that there were no KLA involved, but I can with absolute certainty say that the majority of the victims were innocent civilians who happened to be living there. There were massacres all over the place, but Racak is the one mostly noticed by the international media. Of course the whole event turned into a spectacle of widely conceived speculations and rumors. I know for a fact that Arkan's Tigers were involved. Heard about those ones b4?

  4. What would you say to some that states freedom is produced by a properly armed citizen soldier More clearly that kings and pawns have the threat of missile death I think its clear what our founding fathers where getting at, in the constitution everyone should be armed……. On another note but not to distract My father was a hunter The next thing you know a guy would be considered mentally ill for wanting to have a gun for any reason at all. and there are techs working on external mind control

  5. I can sort of understand why more people aren't in our corner here brother and it's all about fear. It's a math problem:[more guns=less fear] it's the exact the opposite of the reality. Sadly, it's the people who aren't familiar with guns that are targeted in this propaganda.
    I sometimes don't agree with you but I always consider you to be a force of real profundity in a world seemingly rife with it.
    You're a good egg Rep.

  6. Thank you. Although in this case, it does look like most agree with what I am saying here 81/10 thumbs up vs down and the comments. The reason is what I am saying here really isn't controversial, all I'm really saying (the part about guns) is that it isn't good to have mentally ill people with firearms. So it did expose a few extremists that can't even agree on that. But as far as solutions I plan on talking about smart guns with technology safety features. The public discourse is TOO LIMITED!

  7. The thing we're debating here is not the real issue; The real issue is our government is not following the rules laid out by the Constitution. The debate is not guns the debate should be we the people do not like how our government is acting; this is not new; this has been going on for some time; plus they have a history of lying to the citizens; truly the debate should be we the people withdraw our consent to be governed in such a manner. Truly they need to honor their oaths! ENOUGH ALREADY!

  8. Consider the following, the history of the gun is what gave us freedom, as intellectuals you would know this if you get a grasp of history at all. IN FACT I would say the invention of thee gun gave rebirth to liberalism a couple of times I guess you think your powerless cause they have bigger guns, drones, bombs Shit If you take good look at history you find as I have there is lots we can do

  9. I'm not powerless, I'm not American. I live in the most gun free country on the planet and I can attest it's a better place for it. If the state wants to fuck with me they can't use guns.

  10. Dude Im half Irish where almost related! When I look back at history There is one thing that gets my Ire up is the british There control over Emerald isle The brutality and servitude inflicted on my kin Fact the british have ruled Ireland through Superior weaponry for 2000 years When the "Power Elite" realized that their control could not be sustained by this They changed tactics Darwin wrote books, put us dead last of all the races Our freedom will only come from being equal in all ways

  11. Can a government actually give you freedom? The answer is negative. "of the people, by the people, and for the people"-have Americans(or anyone, organization, or nation) really achieved these ideals? The structure of organizations seem chronically incapable of coming up with policy that works Unless it comes in the form of a hegelian dialectic and stripping the common man of freedom and enrich those of a "power elite" class Organizations inherently are corrupted by the few, at our expense.

  12. I totally disagree. Sounds like you have absorbed powerful private interests' propaganda. Structures CAN bring freedom and MORE freedom. Did you know millions of dollars have been spent by the private sector for education and propaganda campaigns in order to discourage the people from working together to achieve common goals and to instead allow the "efficient private sector" to provide for our needs because they'll "do it better"? We can design organizations to be egalitarian. Make it by design

  13. I remember wirelesstorturedevi.  I could never figure out if he was trying to get attention or just mentally ill.  He was really annoying.  Anyway, his channel got deleted.  Must have killed himself or something…

  14. I noticed that you mentioned Peter Mooring in text on the screen.  Peter organised the Covert Harassment Conference 2014 that is mentioned on my blog, here:

    The blog post has embedded in it a couple of videos, the final panel session and my own talk.  There is a link to a page from which you can watch the remainder of the videoed conference proceedings.

    William Binney was another of the speakers, as was Dr Rauni Kilde.

    Are you content for Peter and I to carry on unmolested, provided that neither of us owns any guns?  I don't, and I wouldn't imagine that Peter did either.

    That it is possible to torture people from a distance, wirelessly, ought not to be controversial, in view of all the information as to the feasibility of this that is in the public domain.

    I think you might enjoy my own You Tube channel, even if you don't "like" it, if you understand the distinction.  Do come up and see me some time.

  15. There are research notes done under NASA that show a potential list of nasty side effects from wireless technology. Whether it is simple side effects or a torture device is unclear. What is clear is wireless technology can cause problems with the human anatomy. I'm sure there is additional information out there. Personally, I haven't found it yet. It is up to us to research, don't simply accept what you hear on the news or some media outlet.

  16. I can relate I'm also going through electronic torture done remotely. From electric shock to your brain along with the rest of your body. They can also make you extremely hot to where your insides feel like your being cooked from the inside out. They can make you extremely cold, give you anxiety, give you a heart attack, or stroke along with synthetic illnesses. There's so much they can do and you can be right in your home while this is being done. They an also use telepathy and read your thoughts…they watch me 24/7 even when showering using the bathroom and sleeping. I've been under surveillance most of my life and no one will tell me why this happened. I'm now isolated from all friends and family because of this twisted program.

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