December 7, 2021

8 thoughts on “With South Africa moving to level 2 lockdown, here is the latest update on UIF and Ters funding.

  1. What a lot of nonsense – the DA is clearly not capable of representing the people in relation to this ridiculous scamdemic called Covid 19. You guys need to realise the propaganda and general media-backed narrative is breaking down exponentially and people are realising this is a power mad agenda – determined to break the back of South African society – An attempt to beat everyone into submission. If you do not start responding appropiately your days are numbered – we all are all sick of this bullshit. You have all the evidence you need to close down parliament – and get the people on your side. The people are starving and they WILL get very angry!

  2. Thank you Michael and Michael. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly UIF bulletins. We submitted TERS claims for more than 60 clients (employers) – it was, and in some instances still is an administrative nightmare. The DEL/UIF taught us magnificent lessons in how to NOT run a call center, how to NOT provide customer service and how to NOT do what you boast about in the media!

  3. When are you talking about the the 666 vaccines, Contact Tracing Apps, 5G. Are you sure that the Data collecting protocols will not be used by the ANC during elections, opposition parties are finished with this contact tracing apps that will go with 5G

  4. Yes I agree!! a D.A.voter I trust the Party will move from Strength to Strength ..I also believe the Party is endeavoring it's best for All South Africans many voters .( minority and all other race groups have faith in the party's a crying shame how the majority has been treated under the ruling party..👌

  5. Thank you Mr. Bagraim, you are speaking the truth out loud for us workers and we appreciate your endeavor with trying to help us. This ANC is a corrupt movement and they must be brought to justice for crimes against humanity. Can we not plea with the United Nations to audit these people and get our moneys earned ASAP? I am sure millions of people would sign a petition to have the ANC removed from power and sent to jail stripping them of their luxury lifestyles and having them feel what we feel at the moment. Workers are forced by law to pay UIF when employed, but when time comes to return, due to regulation Government created and out of our control, they create smoke and red tape and slowing tactics obtaining the funds. Any critical thinking human can tell you from this practice ,they are just buying time to loan moneys from other sources to cover up their mismanagement. If they really cared and thought a bit deeper they would know that we as people still need to pay our housing, buy food, and electricity and water and these providers are not giving us a relaxation on payments, they still demand full payment for their services. Where are we supposed to gain assistance when your rental agency or bank still REQUIRES you to pay and non-payment causes legal action… Could Government not initiate a country wide lock on debts owed? Even just until after lockdown. We should arrange a national multi-million people march to parlements and state our disgrace and make world news, then they will act! They wont be able to stop millions of people with empty words…either this or crime will just continue rising.

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