December 1, 2021

35 thoughts on “Woah Vicky shares Hollywood white party secrets from Belle Thorne's home

  1. Please don’t just focus on America. Know that other countries are also Demon Possessed, Africans go to Witches for Healing, China and the Philippines Woman are forced in to Prostitution, The Middle East Women have no rights Ext. If women are not Respected Children aren’t ether.

  2. Yes I’ll be the one to speak the truth America is the evil of the world they represent Saturn which represents Satanism. They love to hide behind it with religions and that God bless America.

  3. They can do rituals with your blood that easily can make evil entities into your house. If you all have been paying attention Hollywood has been Americas big issue lately. They control New York to.

  4. The Salem witch trials are a great example of what extremist can do when they stir up fear among the people…. sounds awfully familiar to our current social/political/religious situations.
    Some hate is taught, some is experienced.
    Same with love.

  5. Can someone tell me how i can sell my soul to the devil ?? Cause i want to be rich like beyonce and jay z toi, and it seem's like this world belong to the devil, and God don't help people.

  6. It’s happening in Tanzania as well. Albinos are being trafficked and a whole albino you get over 250000 and that was a couple years ago it’s probably gone up by now.

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