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Comment (45)

  1. Hi Wode Maya, thank you so much for this your inspirational story. I recently started a YouTube channel "Africa Talk With Wisdom" to promote Africa in the U.S and in the world at large, and to educate the world about Africa. Listening to your story gives me so much confidence that my channel has a potential even when I sometimes think otherwise. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Pay no attention to them brush those haters off your shoulders like flakes of dust that are trying to bring your spirits down your doing Your changing the narrative and image of Africa and the black Diaspora you are uplifting our image to the world well into the future and beyond keep doing what your doing you are setting a great precedent for the future descendants of black people ! Good luck!!😉☺️🤩🤗🍀👍🏿

  3. Your story is so touching and inspiring. I want to encourage you to push forward toward the goal that has been established. Not many can start from nothing and achieve what you have. God bless you.

  4. Ingenious! Maya, i love your courage and confidence. That's what people in African need. Keep it up my man, cos there is still a lot of grounds to cover. The future is bright for Africa.

  5. I don't even know what to say, only to say bro keep it up.
    I think haters are good for you. it helps push you to work even harder and better.
    I pray for you. more grace and favor to you and your team. God richly bless you bro
    aiya mayaaaaaa. lol

  6. Huuummm only one thing you're Maya and you do things like Maya as you have planned them not like anyone else!! Stop saying you're not talented cz you're even more talent .May you live long your story ,hard work are so touching.

  7. Wode Maya, that's an awesome story! May your friend Joshua forever rest in eternal peace. I'm sure he's proud of you! Don't worry about the negative folks; stay true to you and your true "family" from the internet will stand strong behind you and stay loyal. We all may not have the same opinion on every topic you do but that's what REAL families are like anyway, right? I am an African-American woman and I have learned a lot through your channel and I appreciate the fact that you also try to learn from your brothers and sisters across the water. Thx for this video and all of your video.

  8. It’s good to have enemies, in order to proof them wrong, you work harder and they make you a better person. Keep up what you doing, you are outside the box guy. You are very young and have time to change this world. ❤️🇪🇹

  9. Wode maya…we say womEn when we are referring to more than one woman. U keep saying," he doesnt respect womAn"!! Its WOMEN!!lmao
    Like, if I were to say," oh. I just met the greatest couple of mAns"…every English speaking person within an ear shot would notice that i spoke incorrectly. That sentence spoken correctly would be : " Oh, i just met the greatest couple of mEn" with an E. To make the word man plural, we change it to mEn. Same with woman, if we wanna change woman into a plural word, we switch it to womEn. Its easier to remember it this way(i think it is anyway…check it out see whatchu think…plz remember I AM A FEMALE SO IM NOT BEING SEXIST!!!🤬 lmdao) men&women go together ok, so when u make the word man plural….u also make the word woman plural=men&women, bcuz they go together. Thats how ive always kinda reminded myself😉lol i hope that didnt just confuse ya more😆lmao sorry if so.
    We say women and men when we make man and woman plural. Anytime were referring to more than one man or woman, the words turn plural.
    I hear Cantonese and Mandarin are hard to learn to speak, are they a difficult to learn as English is? English fukn sux!!🤬 n im only talkn about American-English!!( We Americans SLAUGHTER the English language!!!) Americans cant speak propper English! Wdh a clue! Lol
    I cant imagine trying to learn english if it wasnt my native tongue smh

  10. ❤️😻👉🏾Greetings Wode Maya, your story moved me to tears! You are a genius for teaching yourself Chinese!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I found you because I just found Blaxit YouTube channel. I am now a loyal subscriber. If I was born in Ghana, I would be called AbenaaIyaami. Love ❤️ Sekhmet SapphyreSun❤️😻🙏🏾

  11. U are doing a good job. Please take any negative things off or you are also going to be a sell-out as well. Whatever negative stuff said by a Ghanaian or a Nigerian against another African country solidified the old belief. Any African saying negative stuff about another country is ignorant, just like a Chinese not knowing about Africans. Many blessings.

  12. Hello Wodemaya! thank you for the inspirational videos. this is who we are normather where we come from we are`ll the same people.
    Africa is home and is a beautiful place too! please tell the holl China who we are.

  13. "No matter which color you are
    . No matter which race. No matter which religion. We all have to come together as one. Together we will build a better world"
    – Wode Maya

    don't see colors. I don't see religion. Because I was living with people with different colors. I was living with people with different religion. But we all come together as one family"
    – Wode Maya, How it all Started



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