September 22, 2023
Wongel - Young Innovator Poisoned For His Invention

Wongel Zelalem reports on One of the most significant young innovator and inventor in Zimbabwe Maxwell Sangulani …


44 thoughts on “Wongel – Young Innovator Poisoned For His Invention

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  2. Sorry if my English is not good as yours but I need to say that
    It's funny to know that it's only now that me and you brothers know that this Mr who is a genius is in danger.
    But if I remember you never talked about this gentleman on your channel or pages? You never praised his discoveries. You haven't even tried to even talk about him on a show or anywhere or to anyone who might really be interested in him. But today you tell us about someone who has already died without influencers like you and so many others supporting him.
    It is true that you often speak in the name of Africa but frankly if you are not able to repair a pierced pipe it is better not to touch the hull.
    This genius is dead or assassinated in short, but stop accusing those who know how to help each other and fix a look on us, even black people.
    This gentleman is an African, so he has a nationality, what did the government of his country do when they saw that they had a genius on their land?
    Nothing, of course
    What did they do when they learned he was poisoned?
    Nothing yet
    And what did the so-called rich Africans (who often play good advice when it comes to talking about themselves) do when they learned that there is a genius on their continent?
    And what about our influencers?

    So brother what's done is done. Stop getting frustrated more if you haven't been able and if you're not able.
    I apologize to you if I offended you, but I had to let you know.

  3. People keep it to yourself because this world is a zero sum game and if you cant secure it they will try and take it by any means neccessary.

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  5. Ou est-il , ou est Maxwell CHIKUMBUTSO depuis sa création révolutionnaire et son invitation aux USA il a disparu après 3 tentatives d’empoisonnement ? HOTEP📺🕹💡🔌

  6. fb page with his name claimed this guy was a hoax and scammed thousands of people. the page also said he was charged in 2014. moving to the USA is a bad move. he will become a much easier target to be assassinated.

  7. Congratulations to Maxwell but I want to tell him that before anything happens to him he must communicate his discovery to his closest brothers to benefit from I am sure that the white men whom he talked to in America pretending not interested in his invention are going to patent it for themselves because we all know that for them black doesn't deserve any glory

  8. He is Maxwell chikumbudzo not Sangununi pliz get the names right we need such guys in the world he should be a national treasure for Zimbabwe why are they not looking after him

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