September 28, 2023
Worldwide protests honor George Floyd and Black Lives Matter in defiance of coronavirus fears

40 thoughts on “Worldwide protests honor George Floyd and Black Lives Matter in defiance of coronavirus fears

  1. Yes G. Floyd did not deserve to go the way he did, or at all in fact…but I'm not honoring a criminal. I'm not buying a shirt, wearing shoes, I'm not attending rallys in tribute of a man who held a pregnant women at gunpoint or for a movement started by marxists

  2. This is a perfect example of humanity, people, oppresed and even non oppresed gather together because we care about eachother, I hope one day everyone will live a good life equally, to Americans, I hope you're fine, stay safe out there and fight for what's right.

  3. No body wants to report on the pot being smoked at protest. Wanna get high enough to goose hunt with a rake,go to a protest. Fact is the pot is all that matters.

  4. so from the videos ive seen it has happened in countries like Australia, England & they did Nothing, it happened in the US NOW everybody is "outraged" give me a God damn Break.

  5. Any man who supports this movement has not been paying attention, BLM is an anti-male movement, they want fathers out the homes, they want to make women and children comfortable but ged rid of fathers altogether, that will be the beginning of the end for society, you can already see that by the statistics for children born in single mom households.

  6. Whoever says to the guilty, "You are innocent," will be cursed by peoples and denounced by nations. -Proverbs 24:24

    For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended.(A) 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. -Romans 13:3-4

  7. This black lives matter is evil ,every human life matters no matter the colour ,there's millions of different races being unjustly killed every day how dare they try to destroy Churchill's statue the man who helped win the war ,what a wicked time we live in

  8. Look they don't want us to know….they are taking my post down…my phone is all messed up. Please screenshot this and rewrite it.

    Get this message out.

    Can someone please sue for our freedom of speech and our constitutional rights!!!!
    This is America still, Right?

    Please everyone help me spread the news. They are trying to say the hospitals are full again 😬😯😱 
    Most of what we hear about cov is a bunch of Lies. People are listening to the News which are all owned by you know who. My post keep on getting taken down so I am speaking in code as best as I can to get my message across.
    People are basically being programmed on a daily listening to false narratives on the news & believing the malarkey & walk around with 2 & 3 masks when Mask cut off your oxygen supply, which is absolutely not healthy. We are being lied to totally across the board in reference to cov. Most of the people that are on UTube speaking of cov & are lying to us or telling us half truths. The doctors who are speaking the truth about cov is Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Scott Jensen, Dr Simone Gold, Dr Richard Bartlett & many more. Virologist Robert Redfield who used to work for the CDC & another ex colleagues both have just came out to let us all now that cov was created in you know where. Look it up. Bill you know who was talking about the biggest threat in America & the world is viruses. He said there are many viruses to come. Now the virologists from the CDC have already come out along with other virologist & said that they created this in the lab & we have to start the process & put these ppl behind bars. Meeting 201, agenda 21 & 2030. The Georgia guidestones.The writings on the wall, even on the U.N. website with over 500 pages. Bill G Eugenics project, Follow the money of these profiting crooks & locked them up forever!
    My post are being taken down & my phone is getting all messed up bcz of what I post. Dr Pierre Kory, has stated that they were threatening to pull his license & many other doctors that he's affiliated to bcz they want to use ivermectin & that they were giving faults information when in fact it's the truth. DR. Kory stated in the Senate hearing that they weren't letting him use ivermectin & that Hispanic/African American population are the ones that are mostly being affected & dying from cov..Hello ppl 😳 wake-up call!!!
    In order for these crooks not to ever shut us down again you have to follow a woman by the name of Peggy Hall"The healthy American" on UTube. She's got all the Angles & she's got all the laws to where you can literally serve the city, county state officials with her documents.
    With cov the blood coagulates & that's why people are dying bcz the hospitals want to Intubate them when they should be giving them ivermectin but the powers that be are fighting them.. Hello! Ppl are dying bcz the medical industry is NOT ALLOWING DOCTORS LIKE DR. PIERRE KORY TO TREAT COV Properly & that my fellow Americans is a worldwide crime.The science will speak for itself. There are many docs that are speaking out & there are many nurses that are speak out but they're taking these videos off of all social media.The most dangerous part of the cov that they are allowing the blood to coagulate therefore people can't breathe & the body start shutting down bcz blood carries oxygen & the organs are deprived of oxygen & that is exactly what's going on with the vaccine also.
    Just like every flu shot, each flu shot has to have a little bit of different flu viruses in it to be effective & what cov is made up of & a small part of something I can't mention bcz they will take it down… is why in some cases the body attacks the immune system & if the blood coagulates & if that issue it's addressed which people of course cannot breathe therefore the body start shutting down due to lack of oxygen due to the coagulation of the blood, it's a death sentence & they know it. But bcz they want to mass vac, right now YOU can not go to the hospital for anything, go to a small clinic… trust me!
    I know this bcz as a taxi driver, while picking up people from Wuhan before Trump shut the border, I couldn't breathe about 13 times. I thought it was bcz my heart was failing bcz both of my parents have heart failure of some sort.
    When my father had his stroke he always told me if I ever couldn't breathe or you have some sort of shortness of breath or pressure in my heart, if my left arm ever hurt for no reason or the temples on both sides or my head hurt or if I had stiffness in my neck to always take two baby aspirin.
    I got so scared bcz I couldn't breathe & I panicked & I always walk around with aspirin in my purse…I took five baby aspirins (the little 81 mg) & I felt a lot better so I took 3 more & I could breathe perfectly. I immediately also took 2,000mg of vitamin C.
    In the morning I always take 1,000mg of Vitamin C, zinc & sometimes I take D3.
    My best friend died of AIDS in 1986 he was gay & only 25 years old. A few years after he died, I read an article somewhere that aids was created in a lab & I was absolutely devastated. I always look on Google & UTube videos for the natural cure for absolutely anything I've suffered in my life & I beat the big c when I was diagnosed in 2005 With it. If you follow me you can read my feeds that I post & you can get the recipe.
    Getting back to cov…The blood then coagulates & the organs start shutting down due to lack of oxygen & blood…of course blood carries oxygen.
    With AIDS patients in the 1980s & 90s until Magic Johnson got HIV AIDS & then they miraculously found the cure. Right!? Well I think every living body should be asking questions NOW!. Enough doctors & all sort, biologist, biologist & nurses are talking right now but their videos keep on being removed off of all social media platforms.The news is giving us total wrong information in reference to cov… Meanwhile we have family members dying of cov bcz they're intubating these people & many people are talking about these patients dying on the intubation machines & nobody except for Dr Kory & his colleagues are talking about stating that they are threatening them to use Ivermectin & Dr Kory is saying that it is the silver bullet that the medical industry does not want to approve & no one is doing nothing like if everyone is in zombie mode.
    I'm a cab driver & many people have told me astonishing stores in reference to the people who's love ones are telling them that they don't feel sick at all & they are being intubated & suddenly die & they are being force to be cremate against their loved ones wishes.
    Right now people are going to the hospital & being moved to other Hospitals without information the people's loved ones & people are being told their loved ones died of cov. STOP 🛑 going to big Hospitals, go to small clinics. A woman in my cab told me that her aunt went to hospital for a simple bladder infection & the family couldn't find her & eventually found her intubated heavily drugged up & the hospital told them that she was dying of cov. The family felt there was fowel play. Another writer came & told me that her old Uncle went to the hospital for old people's aches & pains & a nurse came up to him quietly telling him that he needs to leave bcz people are coming in here with other ailments & not leaving & they're saying they got covid & they intubate him & they die. She said her uncle quietly gathered his things & left.
    All these people that come in my cab do not know each other & these stories are mortfying bcz these ppl do not know each other.
    Theyre weakened our immune system with the vaccine just with the aluminum alone. Look it up! Google aluminum & the effects, then they want you to keep taking the vac every year…hello!
    Start Lawsuits for malpractice.
    I believe the vaccine will give ppl autoimmune disorder.If I a cab driver was EXPOSED to cov countless times & with Aspirin, high vitamin C, zinc, & D3 help myself countless of TIMES something's not being addressed properly in these hospitals!!! Now my post are being taken down. Seen by few, I know bcz I've got two phone & I look on my other phone & the post won't show up. These above remarks are all facts.The hospitals are all empty, I promise you & yet the news says that the hospitals are jam-packed again. I believe they're taking innocent people that go in for other things just like these customers are telling me & they're not coming out. They are now moving folks to other Hospitals so their family members won't finds them until it's too late. Please help spread the News.
    They are NOT doing that in the hospitals for cov SO PEOPLE WILL DIE SO THEY CAN JUSTIFY WORLDWIDE VACCINATIONS!!! Please help me expose the truth. This is what my riders are telling me.
    If they are not letting doctors use Ivermectin this is a huge case of malpractice across the board in all of the United States & the world. Bcz they aren't doing anything with these patience when they can't breathe but INTUBATING them WHICH DOESN'T WORK.
    Everyone is saying my uncle, died, my brother or sister died, my mother or brother died or my friend just died but NO ONE is asking DID THE USE IVERMECTIN!!!
    How are they treating patients that haven't negative effect of the vaccines with cov???. I would like to know? Are they just watching them die, are they stupidly INTUBATING them as we know countless videos were taken down by nurses saying that whoever they intubate are dying.
    PLEASE take a screenshot of my post & repost everywhere. I beg of you bcz I smell a big fat stinky rotten fish coming up here.

    If you have anything go to a small clinic do not a big hospitals please.

    Disclosure: the above is not FDA approved. I am not trying to cure anyone from anything. If you have any health issues you must seek your doctor for medical care. You cannot take aspirins if you're already on blood thinners..

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