January 28, 2023

28 thoughts on “Writing Our Own African Stories with Kunda Kids

  1. Maybe an African language would also help to make our children know we do have languages…it looks like it’s written for kids outside Africa.Good concept but I think we need to start from home…Swahili is quite popular in Africa…and then we can have translations.

  2. African government and politicians should support this content creators rewriting African history from African perspectives and narratives
    They should contact Ngozi Chiamanda and other African writers to do stories about their culture and traditions from their traditional leaders and cultural institutions

  3. I spotted this book in my neighborhood Walmart yesterday. I guess I have to get it for my mixed culture (Black & Hispanic) great-granddaughter 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  4. My son wants stories about courageous men and boys-not little, bitty girls who rescue grown men and other grownups.
    Hiding behind a child's skirt doesn't say much about OTHERS in the village.

  5. I went to Africa in july 2021. I bought and distributed books for african children, with a positive content. It was my contribution to the motherland.I bought from a black shop in Paris called Nofi, with stand for "noir et fier", "black and proud".

  6. Glad to see things coming together on the continent. Should have done this decades ago. Great progress nonetheless. All Africans have is Africa. Anyone else seeks to exploit the continent.

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