September 22, 2023
YAH-Rastafari Blueprint2 AFRICA  Repatriation Resource-Based Economy & Zeitgeist Movement 2012

7 thoughts on “YAH-Rastafari Blueprint2 AFRICA Repatriation Resource-Based Economy & Zeitgeist Movement 2012

  1. Blessed Brother HiEL

    Ok, I listened and got to be honest I couldn't understand exactly where the core point was in this video. You kept saying scientific blueprint for society in scripture (a great topic discussion) but didn't get a sense of that from the points you made. Also, there appears a contradiction if there is a "scientific" blueprint for society in scripture, but at the same time as you acknowledged, the Holy scripture has been so mis-interpreted by so many then it lacks a….

  2. @RootsDaughter41926 …. scientific foundation (on a spiritual level) . Human no matter how spiritually elevated cannot free itself from flesh – this is why scripture is open to interpretation (correct or false).
    Where is the "blueprint" which can reveal itself without the contamination of the self?

  3. @RootsDaughter41926 This is just an introduction to the topic that Bro. Ras Iadonis is speaking on. The scientific blueprint for society in scripture is evident. There are some earlier post before this movie that speak on this subject. I will try to upload them soon. The true overstanding of the Bible is also a science based which is really high science. Science is the Latin word for Greek word Knowledge or Gnosis. With a true overstanding there will be less interpretation & real understanding

  4. @RootsDaughter41926 The Blue Print is in the Holy Scriptures but mankind must free themselves of our worldly ways & get into doing it YAH's way. Yeshoshua is a man who elevated himself from flesh to teach us how to be like him but more so after him in the way of the father with true & correct interpretation of the Divine Blueprints of YAH. There are many other examples but once we can deny ourselves & pick up our cross then we can truly follow Christ in truth & not based on man & people.

  5. @RootsDaughter41926 The Holy Scripture is High Science. Like he is saying the twisting of scriptures & mans lack of understand makes it hard to get to an overstanding. Once we Study to shew thyself approved unto ELohim, a work man & woman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But we all fall short of this until we truly accept Christ & stop letting our laziness & ignorance get in the way of our divine selves.

  6. @educationisthekey3 … Ok will look forward to it… as this topic is most definitely important (my kind of topic) because science & scripture "appear" contradictory to each-other – science claims no certainty of truths, while the Holy Scripture claims inherent truths.

  7. I think at some point we have to have a serious conversation about leaving this place and return to Africa where our ancestors were living even though they were not truly African. We have to seriously consider a black,brown and yellow economy without them. Lets just separate Africa, China and Brazil have all the resources anyway so why not separate and live our lives in peace without white supremacy. They will never accept the yellow, brown, or black man as an equal so why keep pretending they ever will and lets just accept it and separate from these wicked people.

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