September 25, 2021

35 thoughts on “Year of Return: The African Americans moving to Ghana – BBC Africa

  1. If only my people knew the 400th "year of return" is not about physically going to a place only, but coming back together as a nation(YASHRA'EL & YAHUDAH) coming back to our First Love YAH himself(as He has asked of us amongst this great awakening) where then, and only then can we be free. When this happens, all nations" will know that He has loved us"(revelation ref.).

  2. No they didn’t the helped Arabs and white people capture Israelites who were not there people. Israelite don’t see them self’s as Africans. Israelites at that time fled into the west coast of Africa. Then it was those west Africans who helped white people and arbs hunt don’t Israelite people. Who was and still are the true Hebrews? Today you call them African American, or Jamaican, Caribbean islands, or Brazil or European so-called black people.

    I don’t believe every so called black people are African but different ethnicity we just share same skin and hair texture.

  3. Fun fact, American slave owners also thought the idea of free black people integrating into American society was impossible and that black people should just get shipped back to Africa where the freed africans could live free of prejudice. That was the idea. Many Americans at the time thought it was a stupid idea as the repatriated Africans would have none of the knowledge or resources to properly thrive.

    Anyone notice a pattern here?

  4. To every one who is happy about this and saying pLeAse dOnT bAcK , you also go back to your native country because probably you are not real American, being white doesn’t mean you’re real American , America belongs to american indians, and others are group of immigrants from Europe,Asia all the past decades

  5. i wanna send a friendly message to all americans thinking of going back to africa:

    Dont get too excited …africa is still the most dangerous place on the planet.

  6. It's exciting to think of African American people returning to their motherlands. However, some realism is called for. Most AA's do NOT own homes in the U.S., they RENT. And many of them get govt rental assistance to even be able to afford that housing. Even with the currency exchange and hopeful African business opportunities "selling" AA's permanent African residences, the probabilities are very slim.

    Also, consider that the average income(subtracting govt welfare supplements) of AA's in the U.S. is in the bottom 15%, compared to all other U.S. races. Half of AA's in the U.S. do not work at all and collect govt benefits to survive. This is not even broaching the subject of the percentage of AA's that are incarcerated. The U.S. has laws(called racist by many AA's), that does not allow felons to obtain passports for international travel. "Racist" or not, as a native African I'm very glad these types of rules are in place.

    As far as the financial perception front: I was shocked as a native African visiting the U.S.(when all Western TV commercials show so many AA's owning homes/investing money in markets, and working in corporate jobs), the TRUTH is less than 20% of the 13% of the AA population in the U.S., ever has/does ANY of these things.

    I fear that the culture of PC/anti-racist movements in the West, create false narratives to naive Africans on the reality of what/who AA's really are and what they will realistically bring as visitors/new residents of our African nations.

    I'm always hopeful for the best. But with all of the above factors in place I think we as Africans should be wary and realize this social "experiment" of "repatriating" AA's to Africa, could be either a wonderful success, or a terrifying disaster.

  7. you realize the ghaneans 400 years ago are the ones who sold you to the europeans in the first place ? youre returning to the dudes whose ancestors SOLD your ancestors

  8. The problem is most African Americans don't wanna sacrifice to explore Africa with their monies, look at the Chinese, Indians and arabs taken advantage. Most companies im African now hiring most experienced expertise, IT expertise to work in companies

  9. if they weren't born there and had never been there then they aren't returning, I wonder if the BBC would have a story about White Americans returning to Europe and how they went from being white to just European, personally I am all for people connecting with their roots, whether they be black or white, only difference is the white people would be called white supremacists for doing it.

  10. “Who could do that”, to build their towns and cities to build their universities, banking, financial institutions, manufacturing, technology, infrastructure and more.
    Slavery stopped only because it ushered the West into the industrial age, meaning the slaves paid for their own freedom.

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