You Are Two

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  1. 3:40 me: mindblown
    Also me: ok ik this shit

    And also i can say that this epilepsy thing is true, as when my RB wasn't trying to speak with LB about colours, i always said that my favourite color is red (which is a base colour) while actually i liked light blue as well.

    Now i say my favourite colour is purple as it is the mix between two.

    i might have partial epilepsy

  2. Could this be why you sometimes, when u Think something to yourself it makes perfect sense but when you try to explain, it you realise you didnt Think with "words " and that makes it hard to explain out loud?

  3. You yourself admitted that this is just speculation and pseudoscience. There is no solid proof that the right side of the brain and left side of the brain are two separate entities. This only happens when the brain is cut, them being able to communicate merges them into one intelligence.

  4. I really am starting to hate this channel because of how reductive it is.

    Our selves aren't a "thing" you can just dissect and pick apart but a complex combination of probably billions of factors working together in harmony, so of course things are going to start coming undone at the seams if you mess with it.

    So it isn't so much that there's a person silently screaming inside us at all times, but more like a whole made up of different parts that malfunction when one of an incalculable number of things are taken out of the equation.

    Think of it this way: let's say you're cloned, and you and your clone are dropped in different countries and told to get back home by themselves. Each you will have different experiences based on what they had to do to get home and that will result in a "branching off" for the two individuals.

    We're not two people in one house, we're a whole that can be divided.

  5. Doesn't seem to me that the right brain is a passenger stuck going along with what the left brain decides. Given that the left brain will come up with excuses to justify the right brain's behavior ("Why did you pick up that rubik's cube?") it's looking like the right brain is also in charge sometimes, and trusts that the left brain will, like a useful lackey, provide it with the excuses it needs to justify its behavior.

  6. There are neurons connect the two halves together… So I think instead of two independent halves working together, they are really just two halves of the same brain. If you cut off the connection, they simply lose the communications and as a result both halves begin to think independently. There is no silent half, just one that operates with speaking and the other that doesn't. The other half doesn't suffer from being silent because they are used to working together. When the connection is cut off, they behave as if the other half is completely gone, causing them to behave as a separate brain. There are people who are capable of living with only one half of their brain, so this is plausible.


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