September 16, 2021

22 thoughts on “You Wont Believe What We Saw On Our Way Home | Afrakan Pickiney | The Gambia

  1. Watching from Portland, Jamaica. Been following you for a while now. You must be referring to the road from St Mary into Port Antonio. Only difference is, I wish the road was as good from Long Bay to Porty. I feel it for the poor taxi drivers dem. Hope to meet up with you guys in the not too distant future. Maybe you could show me the ropes then. Love the song; your voices blend so beautifully. Blessed!! Love 💓 n light 💡

  2. I see lots of kids in school uniform on the road. Do they get any summer vacation, or do they school, all year round? When you said, "Kitty", it reminded me of my old Guyanese Aunty who used to talk about Kitty, which is also the name of a town in Guyana.

  3. Just seeing my beloved The Gambia! Just give me so much strength to keep grinding like I never did before to take myself away from these concrete jungles, to go back and have an impact on my people. Stay bless King and my Queen! Love✊🏾

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